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  • AliBach
    Being a Mom changed every single part of me, including how I handle my DX and life with MS. We (Moms) do not have time to fold to MS. We have diapers to change, laundry to do and little lives to manage. SO we put on our Mommy strength and get it done! I do my best and forget the rest! Where does your Mommy strength come from? What do you need to be the best Mom you can be?
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  • AliBach
    No Mommies want to talk about their Mommy strength??? I for one, believe that Moms with MS are some of the strongest people out there in this world. A mother would do ANYTHING for her child, so we push on! We are Warriors! 
  • leahunderwood
    My Mommy strength comes from my husband and son! I had my son 4 weeks ago and it's been an overwhelming experience of pure infatuation and also fear of the unknown. Fear I won't be able to physically keep up with him or be enough of as a mom with a disability. I push those thoughts out and remember how blessed I am to have awesome family and friends around to help.  I pull mommy strength out with positivity because being a mom is a blessing stronger than any MS set back
  • AliBach
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Motherhood! Congrats!! You are so right that being a Mom is a blessing far beyond MS set backs! 
  • elysepalmer
    I was diagnosed 2 days before my son's 2nd birthday and my daughter was 7 months old at the time. The symptoms and diagnosis all came at a time when it seemed my whole life was focused on being a mother. Like you said, I don't have time to be any less than my best! My strength comes from the overwhelming love I have for my two little ones and my desire to give them everything they could need, which starts with a strong and nurturing mother. 
  • newmommie2003
    I was a single mom when I was diagnosed. A short time after that, my daughter was helping me get dressed. My strength comes from her. And over the last few years it also comes from othe people with MS. Both those that can do certain tasks (they become an inspiration that I can do) and those who can not do certain things (they are my inspiration that I can do it for me and for them.)
    I used to work so that I could provide a great life for her. But as my disease progressed, all I was doing was working and sleeping. I learned that I was a better mom after I left my job. Money was tighter, but I was spending time with her, going to her soccer games, making dinners, etc. Basically I became her mom again.
    MS will NOT take away from my relationship with my daughter.
  • AliBach
    That is exactly how I feel about my son! Thanks for sharing your story!!!
  • Mommato3boys
    Lately I don't feel like I have any mommy strength left!  I have three boys ages 9, 7 and 4 and I work full-time.  I'm so tired!  I was diagnosed in April 2014 when my youngest was only 2.  I feel like I have been in survival mode for almost a decade lol. There are days when I am telling myself "I can't do this, I can't do this anymore", but then of course I do!  Yes I'm depressed sometimes and anxious and worry about the future, both mine and my boys and am angry about my diagnosis and the "why me?".  But I'm working on trying not to sweat the small stuff.  I try to breathe calmly when I get stressed, gather my thoughts, try to manage my time better.  I think about what I'm grateful for-my beautiful boys and their health and abilities, my husband who works hard and is a partner in all things related to our family, our stability, the fact that my MS is stable.  I have my mobility.  I find strength to keep on keeping on in wanting to continue to have these human experiences with my family.  To see happiness and joy on their faces. 
    I find my mom strength by knowing that my boys love me unconditionally, even when I make mistakes and am not my best self.  I find strength every time one of them tells me they love me, throws their arms around me for a hug and plants a kiss on my face!
  • jeanenebono
    Your story is absolutely incredible.  I can't believe you have 3 boys and a full time job with MS symptoms.  I was diagnosed when my oldest was 2.  He's 14 now.  And just like you said, the diagnosis seemed to send me into a downward spiral of symptoms.  I took Betaserone for a year and it was the worst year of my life.  I finally took back my life with nutrition.  Make a long story short, I found my triggers.  I don't have any symptoms today and fatigue is no longer an issue...unless I'm triggered...I'm not cured but I did find a way out.  What is your diet like? Have you ever looked into nutrition?
  • AliBach
    Well that made me cry!!!! Go Mommy Go!!!! Love the power and strength you have! Thanks for sharing your story! 
  • devon143
    My strength is looking at my daughter and comparing it to the childhood I had of activity. I dont want her to miss out just because I cannot do everything at the same pace. So I psych myself up every moment I can, and then collapse once she is in bed. It after dinners, baths, picking out clothes and story time, then I am allowed to throw in the towel but before then is not an option, I have to be 110% as much as I can for her. She is my strength. 
  • AliBach
    I also collapse when its bed time lol!! Thank you for sharing! 
  • Mommato3boys
    Hi Jeanenebono:  I fortunately don't have many active symptoms, my feet tingle, some spasticity in my legs and residual reduced acuity vision problems from Optic Neuritis in the Fall of 2014.  I am mostly stressed and fatigued.   I have been on Tecfidera since May of 2014. I however definitely don't eat as well as I should be.  My diet is still very high in processed foods and sugars and I'm still a work in progress trying to change those ways.  I'm beginning to think that I could possibly eliminate all of my syspmtoms (other than the vision since I've been told the damage has been done to my optic nerve) if I started REALLY fully changing my diet.  I know I need to incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods, but I just don't know how.  When I first got diagnosed i was wanting the whole package deal of care:  I wanted a team of diet, wellness, mental therapy, physical therapists and neurologists to look at me all at the same time and "fix" me.  But then realized that each of those areas of medicine would need to be dealt with separtately and I just don't have the time.  But I NEED help and especially in the diet arena.  I could be so much more healthy....and my kids too. 
  • debbi_
    I have two daughters, born in '01 and '03. I was Dx'd in 2006. At first it wasn't a big deal, I had some facial numbness and tingling in my right foot. Nothing that even slowed me down. As time progressed so did my MS. Increased tingling and numbness that moved up my right leg and started moving up my left. Cognative issues and oh the fatigue! I just kept going, working because I had to especially after my husband lost his job in '09 and I was the sole income for our family. You do because you have no choice. If you don't who will? I had to take care of and provide for my girls. Unfortuantely they did suffer some because I was too often exhausted after work with no energy for them. 
    I was fully disabled in 2014. My exhaustion is worse than ever, but at least now I can manage my time as my own. The big key is in planning for what they will need from me, school events and special occasions. Staying as strong as I can, keeping up my exercise. Working on my diet - it is an effort that pays off! I feel stronger since I have made some changes. No more sodas, no caffiene, cutting down processed foods and sugars and I finally quit smoking!
    Then of course my girls. They are everything to me. My reason for living and the best things I have done in my life and with my life.
  • MarieBA
    I raised 4 kids with mild ms. All are grown and doing great. My doctor said my success was because of my personality and determination, and raising the children was what gave me that. You can do it too.
  • woodybanw04
    Most days my Son is the only thing that pushes me to get out of bed. I got sick about 2 months after giving birth and it has just gone down hill from there. I am in constant severe pain every day and have been for 5 years now. My legs burn so bad they fell like they are in a pit of fire. Without the help from God and the purpose of motherhood I dont think I would have the ability to push through all these health issues! I Mommy Strength is one of my main prayers! Continually believing God to strengthen me so I can be the best mother I can be, although most days mom guilt eats me alive. What I would do to have the health I had before I had my son right now while he was little. I was blessed with the most amazing blessing in the world a sweet baby. Then as soon as that happens my health gets so bad I cant care for my child the way I planned to all my life! I always invisioned being outside playing ball and having fun bycicling with our son. Now that dream is one that will be hard to fulfill!! Praying for healing every day and praying that until that comes my mom guilt will take a back seat! God bless you all and may God grant you strength every day you be able to enjoy every second with your sweet little ones!
  • lveglatte
    I would like to acknowlege all of us older moms with grown children. Our strength has endured!
  • Sallyclaraclutz
    My "baby" is a junior in high school and my oldest is a junior in college. My mommy strength is all gone by 7 pm after teaching all day. I'm Hoping I can be a better mom and housekeeper this summer. 
  • shanah1975
    I'm a mom of three and a grandmother of 2. I just found out that I have MS.My strength are my kids and grand kids. I don't have a supporter but I do have my kids.
  • Jackie82
    I get my Mommy strength from my kids.  They are all I have and I will do the best that I can as a single mom of 2 (one in high school and the other in elementary).  It's a struggle but my prayers help and I manage to provide for them alone.

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