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  • Kris-MSConnection
    Join our new National MS Society Community Facebook Group! This private group is a place to connect with other people affected by MS and join in social learning. The Society commits to providing access to accurate, current and comprehensive information so you can learn strategies to live your best life.

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  • maria1
    Hi Kris,  The new group is very active, good response from many people and the society too. Another success for the society, and us, hooray.
  • Kris-MSConnection
    Thanks for the feedback, Maria1. I'm not a member (yet) as it's handled by our social team but I'm thrilled to hear it's active and thriving!
  • echobird
    Yes that was the best idea yet. Because more people are on Facebook forums than on here it seems lately. And the MS society needs to keep an active role in our battle. Not just these self made groups that don't have the proper resources and knowledge. Another great WIN for the MS society!