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  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    Perhaps you could re-launch via a more updated platform?
  • golgotha
    Just a re-launch using any normal forum software (there are many supported platforms to choose from) would suffice.
  • Kris-MSConnection
    anywhereoutofthisworld --

    Everything is currently on the table as we research all of the potential options.


  • jasonprestovfd
    I absolutely agree with so many of you.
    this site helps people, alot of people. We aall have moments when MS is either scaring us to death (when we first get the diagnosis) or when were just frustrated as hell with it cause we have been dealing with it for years. I truly will miss talking with you all about life with MS. Sometimes as the supporter, sometimes as the person looking for support. 
    I sinsearly hope this site gets replaced by something better. It just hurts to loose such a good place where we all can be free to talk, free of judgment of the world outside of MS.
    I feel truly sorry for the first person who gets a diagnosis and doesn't have anyone to talk to and lean on.
    the more I think about loosing this site (and all the help I've received and help I've given) the sadder I get.
    I wil truly miss you all and hope to see you on whatever the new version is. If it is ever replaced. 
  • maria1
    Since the question of security has arisen may I please ask what is being done to protect the privacy of members when this site is eliminated?
  • Kris-MSConnection

    Hi Maria1 --

    Well, once the site is taken down, I think the privacy of members will be even more protected because the site will no longer be online. There would be no information to protect.  

    But, I'm not sure I fully understand the question. Is there something specific you're concerned about? I'm happy to ask developers about specific questions and get specific answers.

    And, just a note about an earlier comment. To the best of my knowlege, the site was never 'hacked' (a word you used in a previous comment). What we did get a lot of is spam. Spammers would create new accounts and then post spam to the site. That issue has been eliminated since we turned off the ability to create new accounts.



  • maria1
    Thank you Kris for the difference between hack and spam it is good to know. I dont know, someone mentioned privacy so I was just following up looking for info about what to be concerned. I am not computer savvy enough to think about a good question to ask, just repeating what I heard, giggle.
  • Tracy_A_Todd
    Wow! Just Wow... is on my resume, because MSConnection was where I founded "We Write For The Fight" and to date this awesome group of MS warriors have published four philanthropic creative works entitled:
    'Something On Our Minds ~ An Anthology to Benefit the NMSS' (and the ACP respectively). 
    We formed lasting relationships, both with each other as well as our journals. We raised our voices, MS awareness...and money. lol. It's sad to hear that this physical portal is shutting down, but I also look forward to a newer, bigger, brighter, better NMSS community in the future. We're fighters, so I know we'll make it happen! Until we meet again, Peace & Wellness, Tracy
  • jasonprestovfd
    I agree with you completely!
    this community is to strong and to important to go away forever. 

    See you on the other side!!!
  • capitolcarols
    Thank you for providing this site.  I was a mess when I started with this group.  I was mad and didn't understand what was going on with me.   I used peer-to-peer support George to help me through the hurdles of learning about and having to live with MS.  Initially, I read everything on these sites to learn everything I could about MS which helped.  This site was great because it gave me the opportunity to connect with other MS sufferers, who also were the only people that really understood what we wee going through.  It was also great to be able to ask others for their opinions or to respond to other people and more importantly to make friends.  I will certainly miss this site, the people, the topics, and wish everyone well and to be safe.
  • Kris-MSConnection
    capitolcarols --  

    Thank you so much. We're happy to know that the site was helpful to you and why.

    -- Kris
  • echobird
    Hi Carol I actually believe I spoke with a gentleman by the name of George. That was right after I was diagnosed though. I was scared to death at the time and he actually helped me calm down a bit. He lived on the east coast as I recall and had a lot of health issues himself. I hope that he's doing OK and not getting worse.
  • jennifer_m
    Well...that sucks.  I'll be sending up arrow prayers that a new page or connection group will be made for us here on Planet MS.  It's been real, fellow citizens, and here's to talking to you again in the future.  Be safe, stand strong, and don't forget the chocolate when the going gets tough.  Heaven bless you all.