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  • forevercrashin
    I am on day 2 of the med, and now am concerned maybe I should have waited.  I am just scared. I have two small children and have been reading all this information, some from medical professionals , bloggers etc.  what if I am the person who just drops dead from this drug? 

    I was on Copaxone, little side effects.  Horrible injection site reactions so after this med came out my neuro suggested I take it.  Hoping it would help with other MS related issues I was having.

    I am just scared, scared that I am going to make something worse by taking it, and knowing first hand by watching 2 aunts with MS went through without MS meds.  They make a difference, I want good time with my children and my husband. 

    I have only had one of those hot flashes but yesterday if I bent over or looked down I felt like I was going to fall.  No one knows the future, I know that this , this is the  most scared I have been since diagnosed 2.5  years ago. 
  • forevercrashin
    Day 5 I am still not sure.  Stomach issues are being controlled by eating with techfidera and a high proteins diet.  I have also been taking a lot of tums.  One thing is I am exhausted during the mid day, but can not sleep at night.  Very restless even if I take something to help me sleep.  Anxiety? I don't think so.  I am also getting chills a lot, usually I am hot! 
  • forevercrashin
    Day 11 full does..still headache, racing heart, nausea but thought all was ok until the horrible intestinal pain, then I got the runs.  The next day I saw my primary dr. This time and she found when I sat up my blood pressure would lower significantly, and said my electrolytes were all messed up.  I explained I only had one night of the runs.  She said these compounds can cause some people to dehydrate and the electrolytes can get messed up.  I stopped the Tecfidera , it has been 24 hours, I still have the horrible pain and runs my heart is still over 100 bam resting but that is improved from what it was.  
    I am done with this.  Back to daily shots of Copaxone when this all settles.  
  • nursep
    I am on 2nd month of Tecfidera. Not as bad as injectables in my opinion. I too, wonder what the right decision is... I think the doctors a;sp wpnder. LOL So... I research and make attempts and see what works for me. So far so good on Tecfidera. The Interferons were NOT so kind to me. I wish you the best I have 2 daughters myself :)