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  • Rzaraza14

    Hi all!  I was diagnosed with RRMS about 5 years ago.  I've been on Avonex since my initial diagnosis.  I am actually switching over to Plegridy and my first injection is today.  I was just wondering if anybody has started this medication yet and if so what are the side effects that I should be aware of if any.  I used to get the flu-like symptoms with Avonex, but that had faded over time.  Thanks for any input.

  • MS_Navigator_Carla

    Hi there,

    I'm glad you've posted here and hopefully you'll get some feedback from others who may be taking Plegridy.  I wanted to give you this link to our website, which provides information from the FDA about Plegridy, including possible side effects:

    I hope you'll do well on it, and have a nice day.


  • spostel


    hope your first Plegridy injection went well. How are you feeling? I'm wondering since I would like to switch as well. 

  • Deb_Jack


    I just recently learned of Plegridy, I too have been on Avonex since diagnosed, just over 2 years ago.  How are you doing?  Are the side effects any worse?

    Thanks for posting!


  • Denny-L

    I was on Rebif for 5 years then switched to Plegridy for a year and am starting on Avonex now.  (All the changes prompted by Anthem BSBC changing what they cover and don't cover,  not for any medical reasons.)   For what it is worth,  I had some minor flu-like symptoms when I started Rebif (which also faded over time.)  When I started Plegridy they came back a little with the first couple of doses but stopped after that.  I haven't had any so far with the Avonex, but I'm only up to 1/2 dose in titration.   My symptoms were always pretty mild. I suspect you will not see much different from what you had with Avonex.  Good luck!