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  • krawkatie
    On March 2nd I will get my first dose. This will be my first time with IV drugs, any tips or tricks? What side effects should I expect? Any and all help is appreciated (:
  • robertjon
    Hi, I've been taking Rebif for a little over 4 months now. Self administered shots 3 times a week. I hate having to do it, but the idea of loosing more of my cognitive mind from another ms attack scares me alot, what a motivator! It comes in a premeasured injection pin for me. The common side effects for it are headach and flue like symptoms. I have very little of either, no injection site reactions either. I do the shots on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. I get so tierd in the afternoon and evening, not a good time for me, mornings are my best part of the day. I'm rather small, and have found my thighs work the best for me. My stomach seems to bruise easily, my thighs are much friendlier for the shots. When I'm ready for the shot, I say a little prayer, then push the button. Wishing you well, Blessings, Jon
  • my1bez
    I've been on rituximab for nearly 3 years. There are no side effects for me at all. You get Tylenol, benedryl and prednisone about 30 minutes before. This makes me very sleepy. In fact I typically sleep most of the time I'm there.  The first infusion takes about 6 hours. Its just an iv on a slow drip. In 2 weeks you have the next infusion, and its generally a couple of hours sooner to get through. Then you're done for 6 months. I've not relapsed since using rituximab. 

    i hope this helps!