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  • grobles049
    Hello everyone, I began tysabri a few months ago at the Stanford Nuroscience center and this past week i logged onto my health insurance this past week and noticed a $73,000 claim (yes, not a typo) for my treatment. Luckily my insurance covers it and it actually went down to $25,000 after the insurance adjustment but still.....i was in shock to see that. I did some research online and saw that tysabri costs about $2,000-10,000 per treatment so im baffled why it would cost alomst 73k. I know that stanford is one of the top hospitals in the country so would it be that expensive just because they can charge that? Its just hard to imagine it costing over $900,000 per year if I didnt have insurance! 
  • ms_navigator_sam
    Hi Grobles049,
    This cost can really vary because in addition to the cost of the actual drug, there are also hospital and infusion costs added to the total. If you want to look in to other locations you can ask your insurance to let you know the cost of other area infusion centers.
    I hope this helps!
  • lui81089
    Whoa that is some serious dough. More than an MRI. I sure hope that is not how it is everywhere because then there is no chance of me getting on that medication if need be.
  • lezleee_lew
    Wow, that does seem expensive!  Typically, the charges are more when you have insurance and less when you don't have insurance.  I was just on tecifdera and it cost $86,000/ year!  Fortunately I have good insurance!

    I wanted to ask how it's going and what happens with the infusions?  I'm starting on Tysabri and will have my first infusion likely next week!  How long does the infustion take?  Do they give you any medications beforehand? How do you feel after?

    Also, I was being seen at Stanford.  I switched to UCSF and now am very happy.  I didn't like the care I was recieving at Stanford.


  • klg-123
    I am currently on Tecfidera and it cost my insurance company $80,000 last year. Luckily, I have good insurance too, and I only pay $25/month. These medicines are rediculously expensive!
  • grobles049
    I was on tecfidera perviously as well until i started to have new symptions and lesions. going to have by 4th influsion of tysabri on monday and so far I like it better than tecfidera. Havent had any side effects like i did with tecfidera. 
  • lweaver
    I started Copaxone in Februay and it will cost around $72,000 a year.  Tysabri was the recommended medication but I wasn't sure that was were I wanted to start.  I will know more in 6 months when another MRI is done, if I can handle the shot reactions for that long.  They are good some days and bad, really bad, others.  All I can do is hope they are working!
  • Avatar
    I'm on Tysabri.  The insurance company is charged $7,000 a visit, while I pay $25 to the specialty medice company and $25 to the  infusion center.  Don't understand how yours can be so much.
  • grobles049
    yea i dont understand either! i thought it was a typo when i first saw the statement 
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  • shiloh
    I was told that my Ocrevus trearment will be 65,000.00 for a year. My insurance only covered 1500.00. Luckily the maker of the drug covered the rest!!
  • jsperlakis
    I need to know how much Ocrevus will be. That's my next med after I finish up the Lemtrada. I was glad that I was sitting when I got the Lemtrada paperwork. If you think Tysabri is expensive, try this out, $736,019.45. And that's just the meds for 5 days, not the hospital or the other meds !!!
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  • jsperlakis
    Yeah, sad to say but that's not too far off.
    I had 17 infusions, one every 28 days, and my total was just over $341,000. That's over $20,000 per month. The solumedrol upped the actual cost but by only $800/month.
    Make sure you get everything Pre-approved before you have anything else.