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  • SmartyPants

    My 85-year-old father and me at 61 both publish books, his book is called, "The Stone Horse & Droshki" about the Korean War, and my book "The Eve Chronicles" is about a woman in Oregon who is self-reliant and is searching for her place in he world.
    I have MS and when I retired I found my journals from when I first moved to Oregon when I was working as a timber cruiser doing timber inventory. I lived in my tent in a camp with other foresters and led the life of a modern day vagabond. 
  • scott834porter
    So great to know that father and daughter has the same passion. Writing is not really an easy task can be handed down but something that the son or daughter herself must embrace. Writing is not like the regular career like being a doctor, nurse or a pilot that the skills can be learned at school and can be practised without much passion. With writing career, you have to love writing to be able to do it well.

    Scott Porter (decorative concrete flooring)