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  • elizabeth-gerber
    I was wondering if anyone has decided to trade in the DMD for CBD oil? I have tried almost every treatment and was now put on Ocrevus. Was on Tysabri for 9 years until I developed an allergic reaction. Had no new activity for those 9 years. I don’t want to continue on Ocrevus because of potential side effects. Have been taking CBD oil for three weeks and have noticed small improvements of things I couldn’t do.
  • sharon-peer

    As you know, everyone is different, but no disease activity for 9 years is great!  Congratulations! Everyone needs to make their own decisions and do their own research.  This is not medical advice, but remember CBD oil is only a symptomatic treatment. Disease modifying treatments are designed to hopefully slow down or stop progression.  Just listened to an update from Rocky Mountain MS Center’s YouTube channel and the data on Ocrevus is still really good, but it takes several cycles to start making an impact on the body.  Even though you may not feel it, MS can still be doing damage.  My daughter has had two rounds of Ocrevus and so far so good.  We both wish these newer, more aggressive treatments were available 14 years ago before MS took such a stronghold on her life. Keep fighting!  

  • bubbadog66
    I use CBD oil as a supplement, just like Vit D3 my neurologist has me taking. I find that hand in hand with my DMT Tecfidera as well as Ampyra my neurologist has prescribed to me the CBD oil helps alleviate and improve my challenges. For me, just like changing diet or exersizing the CBD oil is a lifestyle change i have made. I discussed introducing this "supplement" with my neuro to be sure it would be feasible given my other meds and supplements he has me on.
  • mac2013
    very curious on cbd. Tell me the strain your using
  • mac2013
    what strain or name of the oil are you taking?
  • LilSis
    Hi Mac,

    My brother is dealing with horrible spasticity and pain. Night time is the worse. He’s tried everything but the pump which he doesn’t want. I’ve been researching alternative relief and came across CBD and THC. Researched the hell out of it. No stone left unturned. I learned you only want a high CBD:THC medicinal organically rich full spectrum CBD derived from CANNABIS plant NOT HEMP. It’s garbage. ONLY CANNABIS. Also a 1:1 CBD:THC OIL. A little goes a long way. I picked some up today in Modesto California at a dispensary called: Jaydens Juice. Look up their story on the web. 28:1 CBD:THC Also picked up I:1’Rick Steves’ tar oil rich in terpenes. He starts today, April 10th.

    Did you ever find something to work for you?

    mac2013 wrote: what strain or name of the oil are you taking?