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  • cntryg1rl
    Has anyone on here taken Cymbalta to help with pain in their arms (or anywhere I guess)? 

    Did you also have EXTREME exhaustion with it? I was so tired all the time, I could barely function. So, I told my dr that I wanted to get off of it and I am almost there, had to step down slowly, but now I am in a extreme amount of pain. My arms hurt so bad that I almost wish I could just cut them off.

    Has anyone had luck with any other drugs for the same thing? I am about to start taking it again just to get the pain to stop but its so hard to stay awake then. 

    Exhaustion or pain, flip a coin :( 
  • maria1
    I was on cymbalta and a million other drugs. Now I take hemp oil gummy bears, the hemp0 oil makes the pain go down to a level of discomfort except when I do things for my emotional well being then I up the dose. I am what I consider very active now, ha ha, a fast turtle. So I take 200 mg hemp oil(full spectrum) gummy bears a day and I have no side effects.
  • cntryg1rl
    HAHA, I don't know if I can get those!

    but, I have been considering those options..... 😊
  • capitolcarols

    cntryg1rl - 

    Cymbalta worked great for me.  I didn't have any problems with it, but then my insurance company dropped it.  I went through a number of different medications.  Maybe Gabapentin or Tramadol can help