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  • dawn87
    I'm on my second week with the medication and it really stings just wondering if that is normal? Would applying heat or cold to the area I'm going to inject? If so which one? Also we have really hot weather for the past week or so but it's been really hot today and yesterday and I have noticed my symtoms are really bad. Is this normal and what could I do to help it ease. 
  • maria1
    Drinking cold water will help cool you down, it will take about fifteen minutes. Keep your head covered, sun glasses will also help alot, it will keep your eyes protected from the heat, it will also prevent cataracts. Use ice for the area you shoot.
  • dawn87
    Thank you very much for your advice. I don't have anyone around me that has ms so coming on here and talking to someone that knows what it is like and completely understands so I can't thank you enough for you to take the time to reply. 
  • maria1
    dawn, if you read many of the posts here you will have plenty of friends who feel the way you do, giggle.
  • echobird
    Warm compress before shot. Try doing it after you shower if possible. And try and stay inside while it's hot outside. If you have to go outside try at least sunglasses a big brim hat and if possible a cooling vest. The MS Association will provide free of charge if they have any left with a doctor's note. Best wishes and good luck.
  • jyarborough
    I use an ice pack for 20 mins on the injection site post injection to prevent lumps from forming. I do this year round. If it still hurts the next day I use a little heat.

    Plus the ice pack jsut feels good this time of year. 

    Your mileage may vary.