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  • caroline-peer
    I've been taking avonex now for 11 years and my insurance company decided they wouldn't cover it anymore and I have so much scar tissue from years of injections  So I've switched to tecfidera recently. I thought I'd be so much happier without the injections but taking pills twice a day with gastro side effects is worse in my opinion. Anyone else make the switch from an injection to an oral ? 
  • maria1
    not me, but do you take it with food? Have you spoken with your pharmacist about what you may take? Have you tried Beano if you get gas, it works for foods that cause problems?
  • jasonprestovfd
    When I had to switch from Avonex, I started taking Tysabri (infusion every 4 weeks).
    iI know a guy who takes tecfidera but he does not have any issues with it.
    sorry I canot be of more help to you