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  • Rhiannon
    I am pretty sure I am in a relapse because I am having horrible pain when I move my right eye, a symptom of optic neuritis.  I have had a dull pain before, but nothing like this.  Thankfully my vision has not been affected besides on the first night it felt like I wasn't wearing my glasses, though I was.  The vision in the eye was very blurry, but in the morning it was better.  The eye pain is the worst in the evenings and the pain feels like it is radiating from the back right side of my right eye to my ear and the back of my neck.  

    Now, old symptoms are reemerging.  I am having trouble chewing and  swallowing my food from time to time.  So instead of cereal this morning, which I couldn't chew, I am drinking a breakfast smoothie. 

  • maria1
    If the pain in the eye is optic neuritis without loss of sight I have been in relapse for twenty years without treating it. Sometimes I have to hold things almost on my nose and the next day I can see. It goes in and out or on and off and I have not found a trigger yet except maybe diet. Roughage( or as my mother always used to say for any ailment i was seeking sympathy for, 'are your bowels open'. avoiding junk and proccessed food except for emegencies, like the times I ABSOLUtELY MUST have ice cream etc. ddrinking plenty of water, for every cup of coffee two glasses of water to replace the oxygen the coffee depletes.

    Look for a pattern: Is the jaw always tense?

    Sometimes I get it so I can not swallow and liquid always finds its way into the lungs. When that happens I let it happen and try to get my brain to tell my body to relax. Growing up with boys who could flex the muscles on their arms taught me to stare at the muscle until I got it to move. Also reading Uncle Wriggles, a book about a kids uncle who could wiggle his ears.

    Then I get the feeling that my kidneys are twitching or my lungs or my heart and stomach sometimes too, those times I let my minds eye watch and wait for it to subsist.

    Look for a pattern, keep a record of your activities to see if there is a trigger and remember to trust that it will subside.
  • maria1
    Thought of you today,' throat spasms' every time I swallow it goes the wrong way, what an exciting day! 

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