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  • BeckyE
    How many of you with MS have had cold sores or fever blisters? Either before your Dx or after. Do you have them more during a relapse?
  • BeckyE
    Thanks for all the replies. I've had cold sores all my life. In several of my elementary school pictures I have cold sores.I tend to read alot about MS and related things. Cold sores and HSV1 come up sometimes. I had a cold sore in Feb and again in March at which time I had my first attack. That was th only time i've used the OTC stuff for them so I repeatedly asked the dr if that suppressed my cold sore and it affected me internally. He didn't know. I've asked my last and current neuros as well and they don't know. I just find it interesting that they seem to be semi-linked. I also realize that you get cold sores when you're stressed or run down and that's when you're more likely to have an MS attack. Maybe thats the only link. Who knows. I was just curious what you guys had to say. Also, a friend at work swears by something called lemon balm oil. She says the cold sore is gone in 2-3 days! Haven't tried it yet myself.
  • BeckyE
    Ironically, with all this fever blister talk, I've gotten one! Havent' had one in months until now. I'm using the lemon balm oil as I mentioned before and it seems to be working. I'm also scared to stifle this thing for fear that it may cause another ms flare. I guess time will tell.
  • Avatar
    I have NEVER had a fever blister of any kind in my life.  I have known a lot of people with them, and I think that the majority of Americans have them, with and without MS.  I do not think that there is a coorelation but that is me.

    In any event, I have never had a fever blister and I have had symptoms of MS for 45 years and been dx for 15 years. 

    I think that this topic attracted people with them but I was interested because I always wondered why I never had one despite most people I knew having one. 
  • Cay
    I grew up with cold sores, and the MS didn't make a difference for me. I have also been prone to bladder infections, and I've read that MS people tend to suffer from both. Weird. I have stomach problems with the steroids during a relapse, and that can cause cold sores, canker sores. So I am very careful with what I eat, to help prevent if  I can.
  • ddileo70
    Hi. I have had ms for 18yrs now. I recently was put on the medrol steroid pack for inflammation. A few days later i got a really bad sinus infection for weeks. And two days ago a cold sore popped out. I know steroifs lower your immune system. I have ks and have had lyme disease for years now. It shows up in my blood work every few yrs even though i have been treated twice w doxycycline. I am in bad shape. Do u tuink u do get cold sores with these diseases? And whats the best way to get rid of a cold sore? Thank you
  • GioVannia
    Funny you should ask  I have the hugest cold sore-fever blister mutant monster on my lip! Never ever had even one till DX. Looks very attractive.....NOT.......have tried every OTC med available......(Don't waste your money) a good old fashioned Ice Cube works better.
  • carlaw
    Rd ice cubes work great! As soon as I feel the "tingle", I start with ice applied to sore. I used to be rx'd denivir cream and it worked great. My insurance won't cover that anymore and it is $900.00 per tiny tube and I am not paying that so back to ice for me!
  • maria1
    I can not speak to the correlation with fever blisters and ms. I got kissed by an uncle who had a very larger blister,  when  I was about six. I do know that they appear sometimes with the change of the seasons. I also know to avoid coffee, nuts, and chocolate. I take L-Lysine, an amino acid sold in the vitamin sections. It says take one or two tabs but when I feel a blister coming on I load up as many as ten a day in intervals of four tabs and I can feel the blister shrinking before it appears.

    Another embarassing issue, 'keep the bowels open', make sure the plumbing works. Notice the next time you eat nuts or chocolate. have you been swallowing plenty of coffee?

    L Lysine and avoiding nuts chocolate and coffee especially around the change of the seasons and I promise you will never see a nother sore again.

    Telll me when you try it and are relieved, i like good feedback. Stay healthy.
  • kittymomma
    I've been 'trolling' around on this site for about a month now without commenting until I read this one about fever blisters.  I was just diagnosed at the end of August, and have had two relapses since.  I'm waiting to get on Copaxone soon, but until then, I fear I'll keep getting the vision loss in my left eye (ocular neuritis) and have to keep getting IV infusion therapy along with oral Pred to keep it at bay.  I've been wondering if there is any correlation between MS and fever blisters because I've had them repeatedly since I was 14.  As you said, BeckyE, I get them when stressed or run down, and that is how my flare-ups seem to come about, as well.  Over the years I've gotten the fever blisters so badly that they develop in my left nostril, then migrate into my sinuses leading to the left side of my face.... always too close to my left eye for comfort!  Now, the left eye is the one that keeps losing vision.  I've wanted to do some research on this topic to see if there had been any studies relating the two since one of the suspected causes of MS is from viral infections.  If anyone knows of any correlation, please post any information you may have.... I'd really like to know if it's possibly linked, and if so, why isn't it ever mentioned in all the literature I've read?  

    Thanks for posting this thread!
  • classic58woman
    Yes. Do enough research on rightdiagnosis ms eye hands food n mouth disease its all related to Bacteria n genetics n environment n old diseases rare diseases the docs overlook it don't know enough about especially when it also attacks the blood causing infusion and the brain causing dementia offsetting epilepsy you name it My advice... Eat as pure and organic as you can, stay away from processed products chemicals use vinegar Epsom salt hydro gen peroxide oils pure... Safely šŸ’«šŸ’ž
  • BeckyE
    Kittymomma, I've done some to this research online myself but don't remember specific sites. Just google things like 'ms hsv1' or 'ms fever blister'.

  • Michellle
    Hey BeckyE from Michelle--Yes, terrible mouth sores. I never had them in my life before MS Diagnosis. However, I think it is a flare up of some kind of virus sitting in our bodies (from vaccinations,etc). I use diluted mouthwash until I can use it full strength. Of course, I watch my diet because those honkin' things hurt.
  • maria1
    Some call them cold sores, others, fever blisters and more  call it herpes. It seems to fly around during the change of the seasons, instead of getting a cold a sore appears. Think back three days before the sore appeared, felt a bit under the weather? Coffee, chocolate, and nuts are it's favorite breeding ground. L Lysine is an ammino acid in pill form. If you want to party with coffee chocolate and nuts load up on L Lysine before, maybe four tabs or six if it/s a big party. If you  begin to feel a sore approaching take about six tabs and watch the thing shrink. You will be free, I promise. You don't have to take the pill every day. You will begin to notice when you need the lysine and you will be able to have your cake and eat it too. Sold where the vitamins are. If the pill is too big, cut it in half. This is the easiest cheapest resolution to those ugly sores and the fog that comes with it. RSVP when you try it and like it, so others will learn the benefit.
  • nursep
    I have never had a fever blister.  No history of chicken pox. (For 4 generations on my paternal side None of us ever come down with chicken pox even after multiple exposures.) All of my titers were negative for HSV. So I don't know? Don't see a correlation there for me at least.
    Maybe the cause is different in different people and that's why all of our courses and symptoms vary so greatly?  Who knows?
    That would explain why after centuries they still know so very little about this disease.
    There may be no universal truths with MS ever? I don't know if that's such a bad thing. It's bad to have so much vagueness and mystery, but also nice that it still allows for some hope that it may not be as bad as our nightmares. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. However, finding the cause could help find a cure so I hope some answers are available in my lifetime. :)
  • Avatar
    Opps, I noticed that I already contributed to this topic.  I didn't read all the replies until I submitted this.  But I came in to edit.  I cannot delete the whole thing so here it is.

    I think that most of the population has cold sores.  Very few don't.  I am one of those who don't.  I have heard that they were a type of Herpes type 1, but rarely you can get Type 2 on your mouth as well.  But I have been exposed to the cold sores but never gotten them.

    So they may be something that you either get or don't.  I don't get them but I am one of the few people I know who doesn't.  I know that they are brought on by stress by the people I have known in the past who got an outbreak.
  • BillWill
    yep, i get them, in the mouth and sometimes lips.

    from what i remember they started about the time MS started. i have severe issues with gastro too from about that time. some docs mention the sores could be due to a gasro issue, others mention due to MS, and the docs at VA never have a statement about anything. so i have no idea.
    but i get medicine n pill form for the last 15+ years for them.

    i don't have sores, etc on my privates, nor do i know if the mouthe sores came from being with a girl in the past.

    all i know is they show up a handfull of times each year. once or twice a year i can say for sure they show up during my particular occurring relapses.
  • junedwaggoner
    Yes!! I have had a problem with fever blisters for years, since I was a teenager, I think. They have gotten progressively worse over the years. I used to only get them on my lips. I still get them on my lips (and i mean bad! Like 18 at one time) and now I also get them on my mouth, up my nose, on my scalp, thighs and chest. Yes, they are SOOO much worse during a flare. My doc gave me aciclovir to take when they start. I also take L Lysine.