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  • maria1
    Free yourself from suffering. Just because you have ms does not mean you must suffer. Some of the pain you can relieve, allow yourself to be free of suffering. It will help make things easier. Try it you may like it.

    Remember the Kiss rule, keep it simple stupid. I am very lazy, I find the fastest easiest way to get the job done. Instead of dragging it out forever.

    Any job worth doing is worth doing well, it will bolster your self respect for the days when the body shuts down and you are unable to do anything. You did a good job yesterday, you can feel good about yourself, and today you must rest, rest well. Do not punish yourself for what you are unable to do. Celebrate what ever you are able to do. Positive reinforcement works. Get to know the new you and accept the limits. Whe you hit the brick wall know that you can not walk through it. Do the best you can and feel good about the effort, even when it falls short. You can feel good about yourself when you do a good job, instead of being a slob.

    The subconscious mind does what the conscious mind tells it to do. If you say you can not do something the subconscious will back you up by not doing it. So be careful what you say you can not do. Like they say be careful what you wish for.

    The subconscious mind is the place where the computer brain works.  Ask it to solve a problem. He brain, how do I do this, and it will figure it out. He brain. I want to walk, hey brain I wnat to see, he brain I want to be happy. Talk to the subconscious as if it is someone else, treat it as a stranger, someone you do not know. See what it will do for you.

    Trust your feelings, learn about ms and make intelligent decisions about your care. Doctors do not have ms, and they are just like us, out to make a living for themselves. You take responsibility for your care and make educated decisions about your care. Do not trust everything they say just because they are doctors. Take responsibility for your body and what is done to it, for it, and with it. Because you have to live with it, they do not.

    Do not become a victim. An educated patient is the best patient, Make the best choices for YOU. Because you have to live with you. Do everything to foster your own self respect, then you will not need the respect of others, but will get it.

    Take really good care of yourself.
  • maria1
    When the past serves you, and it makes your life is better. carry it forward into the present and the future, carry it with you. If the memories of yesterday bring the ugliness of resentment, hurt, anger and unhappiness -THROW IT AWAY. When one forgives those who have harmed them they are not absolving others of past injustices, one is simply freeing themselves of the burden, Let it go. There is nothing you can do about harm you experienced, carrying the weight of pain slows one down making things difficult, give it up. When you think of 'it' it brings up old hurts - pain refelt, if that is what you enjoy- take it and embrace it, if not, throw it in the garbage where it belongs.

    Whatever enriches your life hold on to, beauty is fleeting like the wind, fond memories are worth savoring, keep them close to you so they pop into the present when you need a boost.

    Someone told me, when someone shares their time with you, give them something, whether a smile, hug or flowers. Try not to be a taker, they drain the energy from the universe like black holes.

    When you have been treated poorly in the past it becomes second nature to be kind, except when the past carries so much pain that it makes one want to lash out and hurt. Hit the pillow and release the negative energy, primal therapy lets you scream at the top of your lungs and cry the wailing sigh for the one you were, kiss that child good bye.

    Yes, this is not symptoms of ms. This is freeing the mind from usless babble so one can embark on the necessary work of healing oneself, enough to carry on the day.

    Thinking happy thoughts are just as easy as thinking unhappy thoughts, which one do you like better, which make you happier, which make you feel better.

    What do you want to happen - a good life - or one filled with the burden of the images of the past burying who you are in the mire of the maddness of misunderstanding, ignorance, want, fear and greed. Life is about living, not survival, get on with living and give yourself the best. xxooxxoo

  • maria1
    On the  msblog there is a good story about the friend/foe ms is.
    The author mentions olgiodendrocytes help build the myelin. I googled olio... photos and got a whole stream of photos. I told my subconscious mind that this is what I wanted and amy letting it find a route to giving me what I want. Hope it works.
  • sophia112
    Hi, I simply love ! that idea!    I to use visualization to help with healing. I knew about the ogiodendrocytes but never thought to look at images. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    Well, I am having my first new flare up. My first time to be on steroids. The visiting nurse is to come- IV for 3 days heard it makes a bid g difference. My neuro told me he thinks I should find a new type of employment. No more massage! I love doing bodywork...I can do energy work  .....
    I am feeling SOO OVERWHELMED right now.
    Thank you and everyone else who makes an effort and posts/shares.
    With Gratitude
  • sallystarr
    I am hating everything today... way too emotional.  I have been going through so much stress coming at me from so many different areas for a very long time.  I can not just walk away from these things, I have to deal with this stuff for a few more months.  Every symptom I have has gotten really bad and new symptoms cropping up.

    Can anyone tell me if my symptoms will get better once these stressers are gone?

    I'm really tired of crying and being in so much physical and mental pain.

  • maria1
    Sally, A lot of tje symptoms will go away or decrease in severity. Think about something that made you happy, make that a vacation minute. Ask your subconscious to solve a problem for you, brain can you find the answer to this question, please solve it for me. Stress and pressure is a burden. But you do not have to 'own' it. Vacation minutes give relief, just because you are suffering doesn't mean you have to be unhappy(I just made that up, dumb) Take a deep breath using your diaphram, take another one, close your eyes and feel your stomach expand, let your mind see the oxygen being delivered. Feel your body relaxing. Smile, that was a good vacation. Be good to yourself. You are in a trying place, it is trying to wear you down, list all the pluses in your life. If you have none, look again. There is always something to be grateful for. You are not in jail, you are not going to jail, imagine what it must be like living in a cage. Wash your face, it is always good to do. Thank you for sharing with us. We are now connected to you and we are your support, when you feel some pressure know we are beside you. You do not have to carry the burden alone. maria
  • Baylee
    Thank you so much for this post, Maria. I haven't been on here for quite some time. I really appreciate what you said about do the best job you can when you can. It helps to hear someone else's body just shuts down on them, too. I  spend too much time stressing about all the things I need to get done and can't do. I have been off my feet for 3 days and yesterday I was able to empty the dishwasher and was so proud of myself. Eek, huh? It is a challenge to do every day things but I never liked housework that much anyway. Problem is I like a clean house. My husband is a total peach and takes on many extra projects that I feel we should be sharing.

    You have a lovely attitude. Thank you for making my day a little better.

    Juli (Baylee)
  • maria1
    Juli, you are welcome. I was grateful to all the strangers who made my life better after I was diagnosed, and realized how important they all were to me. Without the people I met at the MS Society support groups it would have been a more difficult transition to 'accepting' life with ms. The gifts of sharing they gave to me made me bigger and better than what i was/am. That they took their time to share with me during their own struggle was so generous it was beyond my imagination.

    Now I can say that it was not for me, but for themselves. Like me knowing that there is someone today going through what I went through then - the thought of me not sharing what I have learned would make my struggle seem futile, and I hate wasting time. If sharing what I have learned makes one persons life better for a moment makes my living with ms worth something and not a waste of time.

    I hate that I have ms, and I hate that I can not cure myself but making life better for someone else makes me feel valuable, Making a moment better in some other human's life is quite an achievement. It makes all the  years of struggle mean something.maria
  • sydneyholt1

    Thank you so much maria1 for sharing this advice. As a clinical counseling graduate student of East Carolina University, I have learned a lot about the positive effects that gaining greater control of your mind can have on multiple aspects of daily living. This inspirational post provides such great advice for people who may be stuck in a negative thought cycle. While I do not have MS, participating in sites like MS Connection and reading people's personal experiences with the condition allows me to work towards gaining a greater understanding of multiple sclerosis beyond the symptoms and diagnostic criteria taught in class. I love your post and believe it is great advice for everyone in general!

  • fairchance
    Great advice Maria,!

    I just finished a book called Secret by Rhonda Byrne and your advice is dead on.
    The KISS rule is a good one I try not to forget and how simple is that one right.(I  would be more upset that my vision is coming and going as of late except I have some insane hearing going on. ) I don't know if I get to wake up in the morning and be able to see and join in or not but keep up the great advice. Have a safe and happy holiday next month btw