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  • Kweller
    I know that we all have them but i am getting really frustrated the last few weeks i have been having really bad mind blanks. where i cannot think of the right word or completly forget what i want to say. 

    Also when my husband talks to me i sometimes dont hear him ill be paying attention then all of asudden i will just zone out for 30 sec and have to get him to repeat what he said. I know it really frustrats him but he is really good at dealing with it. and doesnt blame me. 

    Groups are also a struggle im a little worried as my brother in laws wedding is coming up fast and i know i am going to have to pay attention in alot of areas at once. 

    Has anyone found a way to cope with all this I am still trying to get used to it. 
  • maria1
    Bobo reminded me that lists work, as long as you remember where they are. I have be going crazy. We got some furniture on sale and I asked my partner when it would be delivered, you have the receipt he said. No I don't. For more than a week I have been looking for the receipt and trying to remember if he gave it to me, I disagree. Last night I emptied my handbag and it was there. It has been happening so much lately. All I can say is that I no longer have my experience in alignment with reality, so I play in my little world. Told my cousin I told here about the fundraiser book and she said I didn't. The only good part, we watch the same movie over and  over, never remembering we saw it. I used to fight for what I thought I remembered, now I have to admit that I don't know. I thought i knew everything, and remembered everything. tsk. we have every tool we could ever need we just don't know where we put them, so we don't do the job til we find them. Happy little morons, happy we can see, happy we can walk and talk sometiimes. Getting old is worse than ms. When you age the body fails and the mind remembers what the body use to do. But I look and usually find something to laugh about. My eyes can still see pretty things. And I am angry enough to start a fight to fix a wrong, if i can. get angry, don't get depressed, it's fun.
  • Kweller
    Thanks for the response. Yes i have found lists to be really helpful when trying to remember what I need todo. I always have a note pad in my bag and one on the fridge so of Its always there when needed. I find if I am having a lazy day / day of rest then my cognitive abilities will be worse has anyone else noticed that
  • Avatar

    I had to laugh at your story.  I blank out just like that and it is so frustrating.  I write lists constantly but then I can't for the life of me remember where I put all the lists. 

    We'll get through this though.

  • Avatar

    It is very frustrating to experience those mind blanks and not being able to find the right words or where you put something, even if one makes lists.  I don't think getting old is worse than MS, not by a long shot.  There is also age-related diseases that affect the mind.  Even with MS, we remember what the body used to do  and then unfortunately the last time we did it, and how we would give anything to have that experience back again.

    Whatever we do, we must pray and be optimistic.

  • seenjo11
    Hi there Kweller -

    I try to do this every day:

    t really helps keep you sharp and sharpens your focus. There is a bunch of free stuff you can do and even more if you get a membership. I opted for the long game and got a lifetime family membership and got the whole family involved with me.

    I highly recommend it.


  • nursep
    I have those same times! Those where I can't articulate the way I wish to and those times where I kinda shut down for a few seconds while my brain catches up with what is going on. OOps hold on a sec..... Lost my train of thought. It leaves the station without me alllll the time.  Makes me sad, I was extremely eloquent and rather talented in my language abilities prior to MS. It was something I took pride in. Always got a perfect score every year from every boss at every job I ever had for communication. Now, I have to keep it short and sweet and oh so simple or I may not be able to find the word or train when I need it.
    Given all things considered, this is one symptom that makes me frustrated at times, but not a symptom that at this point scares me.
  • corposant

    As someone stated prior, making lists do help a great deal. However, if one is writing them down on paper, one can lose track of said list. It might be helpful--I certainly find that it is--to download a note-taking app on your smart phone so you will have the lists with you at all times, assuming of course you have your phone on you at all times.

    And yes, I do agree with another commenter about the usefulness of luminosity games that are basically excercises for your brain in the form of games.

  • skylar4amy

    That sounds like me and I never thought it was because I have ms. I thought it had something to do with my seizures. I blamed a lot on it. But now I know why.

  • mimi7308

    So glad to hear that Im not going crazy cause I have the same problems an unfortunately it irriatates the crap out of my husband, all of this is really new so we are trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. But I have to ask him to repeat things all the time its like I just dont hear what he says. After reading this to him, he said I guess I need to be more patient with you, lol. So glad to finally see im not alone in all of this :)

  • Kweller
    Mimi Glad I could help him understand that it's not just you hope that he is learning to be a little more patient with you .
  • steph2569
    It's great to see that I'm not the only one. My boyfriend of 10 months is trying but I don't think he actually understands. Sometimes I just "space out" and am not thinking of anything but I'm not "there" either. I don't know how to make him understand that it has nothing to do with our relationship and a lot to do with my brain. Any advice?
  • refusetoquit

    I realize all MS is different, but my experiance with 'blank's', trying to find word's started as I had conversation in the Salon with became a game, waiting for my receptionist or client watching me 'act out' or 'discribe' what I wanted to say. To there amazment, it was simple word's I couldn't find. We'd laugh but inside I was freaked...............I analyze things to death.......could it be,....I stopped my vitamin's that I've taken for 10 yrs due to the economy crashing? Was off of them for 3 months. Thought I'd save $70-$100 a month. Outside of the daily stresses, I figured that's all I changed..................back on vitamins, have had no problem's. IF my brain gets tired, and I try too much multitasking, there's a lull in my thinking, WARNING to slow down. Otherwise, my memory is fact just yesterday my dad was trying to remember the name of a writer , about a month ago.....I told him of my 'picture' association I use. ........the guy's name was Wayne Beach.......I told him your fav actor, John Whyne, ........and 'life's a beach..........Wayne Beach.

    Yesterday, he was stuck.........they wanted me to google the no-named actor,......I said, "Wait a minute!" and it popped into my said 'how'd you do that?'    IT FELT GOOD.

    To continue driving, had to go through cognative address was one..Jon Brown, 42nd Harvest road, Chicago. 10min later, I was asked to repeat it......1) Jon Browns baBY HAS A COUGH APPON HIS CHEST 2)MIRICLE ON 42ND ST(I know it's different) 3) our town had it's farmers market, harvest  3) Client from Chicago............YES, ALL THAT ASSICIATION, but to this day still remember. lol

    Part of memory is 'not tensing up' as we do managing MS...........approach it from a diff. angle. IF YOU GOT THIS FAR, THANK'S FOR READING. LOL  

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