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  • cjtmn
    Who has had it and what does it feel like for you? Part deux: What do you to to get some relief?

  • bubbadog66
    I'm so new at this i haven't a clue at this moment. I rest when i NEED to, although it's not always possible. 

    I read and participate in these discussions to learn, feel connected to others like myself and try to pass along some of my finite knowledge on the subject.

    Everyone is different so what works for one might not work for another.

    Wish i had words of wisdom to give you relief!! Just know that you aren't alone in this...someone will give you a great idea i imagine.

  • cjtmn
    Thanks, Joe!
  • maria1
    It feels like someone is hugging you so tightly you can't breathe. I know it sounds silly and useless but, relax your muscles concentrate on relaxing and do your deep breathing. Realize that fear is a poor response so concentrate on relaxing the muscles. It is other muscles in spasm so concentrating on relaxing tells your muscles to feel comfortable instead of tense. Attitude is everything about ms, not worrying, not feeling tense, not fighting what is going on will move you ahead in leaps and bounds to living better with ms. Relaxing is a funny solution, sounds weird, but works. Instead of tensing which feeds the problem, making everything worse. Try finding easy smooth comfortable ways to ignore ms, like it's a pain in the butt but you will feel better if you ignore it. Allowing your mind to observe what is going on to identify the effects but letting the body float through it.  
  • cjtmn
    Thanks, Maria. Always appreciate your advice. I'm trying to discern if what I've been feeling is the MS Hug or something else. I have found that if I am able to lie down and focus on relaxing (as you suggested), the discomfort does subside for awhile.

  • beaurylancambria
    For me, the pain is under my chest. It feels very tight. The first time it happened, I thought it might be a heart attack. It is definitely worse laying down. I have never done anything when it happens other than what I always do with MS symptoms. I just repeat, "This too shall pass".
  • cjtmn
    That sounds awful!!! And nothing like what I'm experiencing. I hope it doesn't happen often to you!
  • Jill464
    I had that start a year or so after I had my baby, I wasn't diagnosed yet and thought it was because I had put on weight! It felt like I was still pregnant with too much belly pushing up on my ribs.  It was uncomfortable but not painful.  I would sit on the couch and reach my arms back over my head holding on to the back of the couch and arch my back to stretch.  Or do the serpents pose.
  • cjtmn
    Thanks, Jill464. I keep trying to stretch my ribs out, too, or push in on them. It's worse on my right side, but definitely has impacted the left and my back. I will try serpent's pose!

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