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  • bethyrosie
    inknow I've posted here before. On a good note I see a neurologist in 3 weeks. 

    I have a question. For about three weeks I have had a weak chest. I've seen my
    allergist and pulmnogist and they said I sounds great and that they fit think its not a lung problem. 

    It come and goes through out the day. I feel like my next breath is going to be my last, or that my lungs and heavy or too light. When this happens my oxygen level is 98-100. Its so confusing because I feel so bad when it happens.

    I also get cold cold sensations around my left lung and slight pain that comes and goes.  

    Also, many times it's just my left lung. Then the weird feeling will go to my left 

    A few weeks ago I had an episode where it felt like my lungs were being pushed together and squeezed, like a cow boy had lassoed my lungs. I started breathing rapidly and it was hard to talk, but again my
    ocygen levels were great during the episode and the hospital said I was fine. This lasted for about a minute. 

    I know that ms can cause chest tightness, but can it cause me to feel like I'm dying? I've been to the hospital when I've felt this way and they said there's nothing wrong. Sometimes im
    acraid that I'm having heart attack warning signs but I've had SO many EKGS come
    back clear and I'm 22, so I'm thinking that's unlikely. 
  • Melly
    Hi there. I have felt that way and also have gone to the ER with chest pain only for them to tell me nothing is wrong. Read up on MS hug. I wonder if that is what you are experiencing. I felt like I had an elephant literally sitting on my chest. But that was a couple of years ago and I haven't experienced it since then.
  • blschaar
    This is a recent, concerning symptom for me. Allergies?  MS? Medication? Asthma!?  I've resorted to albuterol inhaler I had from bronchitis...had it refilled 

    i cough, have trouble getting full breath, tight or heavy sensation around lung area, sighing, and can't completely clear my throat so difficult to talk.  Taken sudden intake breaths involuntarily 😬

    my PCP wants me to see a pulmonary specialists.  Ugh another doc!!
  • april9517
    I am also 22! I just had an appointment with an Pulmonologist  for possible sleep apnea as it is common for people with MS to also have sleep apnea. sometimes i wake up and my chest is tight and it feels like i cant breathe and he believes that is because I stop breathing frequently at night and its the strain on my lungs. Often times throughout the day as well it feels like i forget to breathe which he says is also common with MSers, our brains sometimes forget to communicate with us. Another reason I get chest pain and tightness is also the MS hug. It gets so bad sometimes it feels like my ribs are about to crack under pressure or that im about to get a heart attack.It feels like someones on my chest or squeezing my lungs, and often it can get debilitating especially if i try to move around. 
    Deep breathing and trying to flex and unflex your gait muscles helps me. It can hurt in the process but it makes the episode pass faster for me. I would look into the MS hug as I feel thats probably what you may also be experiencing. 
     Hope you find the answers you need!

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