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  • DR2018
    I lost my balance 3 times today. I caught myself on the wall. This hasn't happened for several months. This worries me. I was in the shop with my husband where there's machinery. I have spent my adult life in a shop, a bit as a kid as well. This  worries me because I make things in the shop and sell them. Im sanding the wood and my arms and hands just ache.  For the first time, I had trouble holding the sandpaper. I walk dogs as well. I am having trouble with my left leg. What if I lose my balance while walking a dog? What if my hands don't cooperate and I can't keep grip of the leash? I like working. I like keeping busy. I'm really afraid of not being able  to keep busy and active. I start physical therapy Wednesday.  Has pt helped anyone  here? I'm also worried because im starting a new venture. I'm really worried about my future. 
  • lveglatte
    Yes, abolutely! A good physical therapist will ask you what your particular issues are (balance, trouble with your left leg, using your hands, etc) and create a program addressing those specific issues. You will work hard, but never harder than you're capable of. The therapist will probably give you exercises to do at home, as well. You may go into your session dreading it, but come out feeling stronger and glad that you tried so hard. I hope PT works as well for you as it has for me!
  • gabrielle519

    Hi, PT really helped me a lot. You need to find a PT that specializes in MS though. PT worked on balance we went up hills and played soccer. Weird but it helped a lot. I did OT too he strengthened my muscles. There are other options too like brace for your foot. I also take baclofen which helps with the spasms. Talk to you doctor. You should also find free exercise events with the MS society I know they have swiming aerobics which might help you too. Good luck. Don't get discouraged find ways to live with disease.
  • Avatar
    Yes, PT does help.  MS makes us have balance and coordination problems.  PT will work with you and come up with different exercises that will help you regain control of your body again.  It is very important to practice your exercises every day, just takes patience, and hard work.
  • maria1
    Carol, 'regain control of your body again', is a perfect phrase, it returns us to the place of power over our extremities and our life. It is a statement of purpose with a goal. Good job, it sums up what we are working on, rebuilding our existence, a really good positive reinforcement. duh, glad you thought of it, it never entered my mind, giggle.