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  • april9517
    I have recently begun to have more frequent dysphagia- im choking on my saliva more often than not. It was the one symptom I really wished I never got, Pureed food and thickened liquids never appealed I guess. I have an Endoscopy scheduled for other ongoing symptoms that they think may not be MS, but they are also going to do a Manometry on me- they stick a tube up my nose, down my throat and they have you swallow a whole bunch to record you rmuscle movement. I was wondering if anybody has gotten this done before- I have read from some its no big deal, and from others that it is pure torture (haha) so Im a little nervous. I have a horrible gag reflux and i am scared i will vomit on the doctor!! Anybody ever get this done or suffering from dysphagia?
  • maria1
    Hi April, So you are swallowing when you should be breathing and breathing when you should be swallowing. 'Take small bites', sip a little, breathe, observe. If you are lucky, the test will find something to fix, if not, oh well, just another ms joke for which we do not laugh.

    When this happens to me I get annoyed that my saliva glands are always pumping, they must be stuck in the on position. Annoying too. When that happens to my partner, the choking on saliva I say, 'blow your nose', when it happens to me, he says, you always tell me to blow my nose, how come you're not blowing your nose? I am too busy choking I retort. We have our routine down pat, we dont get scared any more, it is just old hat now. One of the perks of getting old, maybe the only one.

    It happens for me in cycles, lasts a while, then disappears. Crossed wires or slow response to the brain firing orders, or simply spasms, or all of the above. My label is "forced diet' hooray, I get to keep my mouth shut and eat or drink less, Just another day in ms land. It is said that fasting is good to reset the immune system - which is the sales pitch I sell myself till it passes, and it does pass.

    Barfing on a doctor is a cute picture, tell us if you do, so we can laugh.
  • april9517
    Thank you! it happens to me in cycles as well, ever since I was little, maybe it was one of my first symptoms but everyone ignored it? I "joke" I hope they just find some weird growth and cut it out then call it good, offends my loved ones, but for me I really do hope it is something other than MS,  but we will see. I didn't know about blowing you nose when it happens, maybe I will try it. Thank you!
  • gabrielle519

    I don't have dysphagia but sometimes instead of swallowing I start to inhale which causes me to choke. I attribute this to MS my musles getting confused. Sometimes I will choke too. I know that pureed food and thickened liquids does not sound appetizing but you will see a speech therapist who would recommend that she can give you exercises and teach how to eat to prevent this from happening. Never had a manometry. Good luck.