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  • echobird
    Ok so yesterday afternoon and evening my spasms came back per the usual. Just like the day before it got to the point were my left leg would shot straight up in thr air and then my back would make me ***** up straight from laying down and now today I can't hardly move. I just tried leg lifts but can't seem to get my legs higher than 8 inches. Wtf excuse me for that. But I can't even do that now! Then my hands where messing up yesterday and same today. But that's been going on since my lovely journey began years ago. 
  • maria1
    hey bird, do you ever try to tighten a muscle then relax it?
  • echobird
    Sometimes. And I try to do my leg lifts as well but my leg are usually not that good off. I can get them as high as 18 inches usually. Then my left arm has been giving me trouble rassing it up I'm lucky to get it even with my shoulder. But when the spasms hit me then they cause my arm to go straight above my head and my left leg has been going straight up as well lately. When this happens I'm usually screaming from the pain it causes.
  • maria1
    If you continue to tighten and relax the muscles they will begin to get out of the habit of spasms, and you will get in the habit of noticing that the muscles are tightening. If you do it all day long you will get the muscles in the habit of relaxing. Right now that may be more important than doing any exercises because the muscles are already stressed for constantly being in a tight locked position.

    And I have been known to be wrong, so think about what is good for you and do it. 

  • vananh01
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  • daisydaisy
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  • zoey10
    Don’t  panic. Breathings helps a lot.
    yo have to be relaxed and calm so the spastism leave, so try taking deep breaths, hold it a moment and then exhale slowly. Do it at least 14 times and as much as you need. 
    I’m sure this will help you. :)
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