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  • new2ms101
    Has anyone with MS (any type) been using High CBD to help reverse myelin damage? I've been doing a lot of research on the medicinal uses of Cannabis and I've been stumbling on a lot of positive outcomes using Cannabis for; spasticity, pain, anxiety, depression and even reversing neurological damage. I am a nurse and only use the most credible research sources. So far I have only been able to find studies outside the US. I do not like the effects THC has on me because it exasperates my pain but I'm interested in high CBD products (yes, hard to find because Cannabis plants have been bred to have a "High" psychological effect:-( ) Anyone else interested in this "Natural", i.e. nature made, remedy to help their MS symptom's and possibly protect and reverse neurological damage?
  • debbie_d
    If you live in a state that has legal medical cannabis you will be able to get the kind you need for your specific symptoms.
    I am sure you can find out which types of cannabis are better for your specific symptoms. I have used several differen types of cannabis for severe spasticity and have found a specific type that works best without the high, as long as I don't use too much. I am hypersensitive to any narcotic type of medicine, so I am very conservative with useage. Plus I don't like the high feeling.
    Research online about cannabis. My state has passed a medical cannabis bill into law, but it is taking forever to implement, and they are going to charge very very high prices for growing, distributing and purchasing it. 
    It is sad, because before the late '30s, it was used as a medicine by many doctors. It's even listed in a medical book from the 1800s as a medicine. So because of the "Reefer Madness" theorists those who could get relief from it's chemicals are made to break laws and buy unknown cannabis from the street...
  • goglow

    What is the name of the cannabis you used for spasticity, looking to try it but dont want to try all kinds.Not a big fan of the high, any info you offer wuld be appreciated.



  • jfreischuetz

    I am very interested in CBD. Are you in Oregon by chance?

  • new2ms101
    jfreischuetz wrote:

    I am very interested in CBD. Are you in Oregon by chance?

    Sadly jfreischuetz, I am not in Oregon! Florida. Anyway CBD interested parties; I'd like to pass on that I ordered (legally) CBD tincture from Dixie Botanical's in October. The 2 oz jar stated 500ml of Cannabinoids/Cannabinidiol. In Sept. 2013 my brain MRI stated 1 new lesion and multiple active lesion's. In Oct 2013 I took 15 drops of the CBD tincture a day until it ran out; I think about Dec. In March 2014 a follow up MRI (not related to my own experiment w/ the CBD oil) stated NO NEW LESION'S AND NO ACTIVE DEMYLENATING LESION'S! I am not on any MS disease modifying drugs. Just SoluMedrol from Dec. 2013 to Aug. 2013. So the MRI was not within this time frame. This is remarkable and I need to help other's, MS patient's, Care Giver's, Neurologist's, Researcher's and Politian's...know about this! HOW???
  • joyce_j

    I live in a state that allows medical marijuana and have found many high-cbd low-thc options.  I do not smoke so I use an infused oil. I take it to alleviate insomnia and pain.  Being a schedule 1 drug stops a lot of research.  The best thing would be to move it to schedule 2 so there could be more scientific study. As far as I know the cbd works on my symptoms, but this is purely anacdotal.



  • emccabefights
    Hello I'm new and yes very interested in Philadelphia I've been researching online not a nurse just a person with ms trying to keep my head above water.... can anyone help with how to go about it the healthy natural way ie diet exercise cannabis?
  • Jeanie3
    I was diagnosed at 19. The pain was so scary at that age and I would call my Dr and was told to go to the hospital. Diladid?? Morphine Demarol nothing touched it I'd go home sleep next day same thing. 16 years later and a lot of hoping one day something will help(without hurting my body and quality of life that I'll take) and who would've thought a good medical strain would be it!!! It started in September and I did tons of research so knew I wanted CBD,CBN,ANything lol to be high so was a lil nervous cuz I already have plenty of anxiety I didn't want more or paranoia cause that's what I thought I'd feel like but no-one ever died from smoking a bowl. I'm still shocked sometimes when I take a hit and the pain either dissolves!!!! Or it allows me to mentally deal with it I stop focusing on the pain and live !!!! Now all the production facilities are producing the cbd levels are amazing like 50 60 70-% and they sell out so quick I haven't had a "real" medical strain yet but if 1-20% does what it does I can't wait!!!! To not get the thc affects and have a natural medical benefit!!! It is so exciting and amazing and I love it Lol
  • jb007rz


    High CBD with no THC is available and legal. The problem is that all the stuff out there varies in quality and quantity. If you fish around the internet you will find that very few of the products contain the quantities listed and therefore results vary. There is an article out there titled " Hemp oil hustlers" that talks about this.There is also the issue of contaminants which have been found in the oils. RSO or Rick Simpson Oil varies with the strain used and if you do some research you will learn that they use many solvents that need to be purged and usually are not completely purged. Plus the containers that the solvents are stored in are sprayed on the inside with chemicals that are passed on to the end product. By the way RSO from hemp seeds is not the same. CBD is also extracted from hemp, which is illegal in the US. What companies that sell the CBD stuff do is buy it from each other but ultimately the source is from other countries. The problem with hemp from other countires,especially China, is the contaminants in the raw material (paste) . US companies import hemp paste from which they extract the CBD, this is the legal CBD because it has the minimum allowed THC. 

    The bottom line is that RSO or CBD products are best if you or someone you kjnow makes it. Then you are sure the plants were not sprayed with insecticides,fertilized with insecticides....... and  what the oil was extracted with.

    Here in California we have had a much longer time to learn and experiment with all these things than even Colorado. For example we have the equivalent to Charlottes Web and have known what Cannabis can do for seizures for more than 10 years, the world learned about this 2 or 3 years ago.

    Obviously I have done the leg work but due to the rules of this site I can't point you in any particular direction, unless there is a way to speak privately. I will tell you CBD heals and remission is possible even for people with Primary Progressive after 20 years with "ZERO" success with pharmaceuticles. What I dont know is if it works for everyone. 

  • jb007rz

    Yes there are CBD only products. Read another one of my replies,

  • new2ms101
    jb007rz wrote:

    Yes there are CBD only products. Read another one of my replies,

    Thanks for all of your insight you all!  Specifically jb007rz, yes there are many methods of Cannabis oil extraction going on at the current moment. Many believe having the highest level of THC is the answer and are using non-food grade, toxic chemicals to achieve it.
    These chemicals may cause digestive issues, intestinal pain, diarrhea and vomiting amongst other issues. These symptoms may be indicative of ISO alcohol. The known long term effects of using dangerous solvents , are, Liver Damage, cancers, and neurological damage. Naphtha, hexane, acetone,butane and other non FOOD GRADE solvents, have, and are causing similar serious issues as well.
    If you cannot tolerate the effects of THC, as many can't, suppository methods may work for you.  Or try adding Citicoline to lower the intensity.  And stay away from "Big Pharma" type, "high profit" buisnesses which sell "High CBD Products".  Making your own oil is best. Consume responsibly and heal yourself without "Chemical Therapy".