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  • jessica9280
    So I've posted before about my situation... to sum it up, I basically started having numbness in my hand in October and had an abnormal brain MRI (multiple juxtacortical lesions, one large periventricular lesion).  Then I had a LP which was negative but the neuro said my myelin basic protein was slightly elevated.  Initial bloodwork (B6, B12, thryoid, homocysteine) and nerve conduction studies were negative.  I had a c-spine MRI recently ordered by my primary care doctor which found two bulging discs, some cord stenosis, and also a "dilatation of the central canal of the cord from C6-7" with a recommendation to go see a neurologist to determine the cause.  I finally got a referral to an MS specialist, and he diagnosed this finding as a syrinx in my cervical spine.  He also had me get additional bloodwork, including the ANA tests.  My ANA was positive at 1:160 titre, speckled pattern.  He suggested that I come back in 6 months for an MRI w/contrast this time, and get repeat blood work done since it was positive.  

    Does anyone have any idea what all this could mean?  My neuro said he didn't think it was MS, but he said he couldn't rule it out yet.  He and my local neuro thinks it's some sort of autoimmune disease, but no one knows what is causing the numbness in my left hand.  I have scheduled an appointment with a rheumatologist, but I couldn't get in until late May.  I'm just so frustrated with no treatment and no solid diagnosis yet.  Anyone had a similar situation where you had a lot of things going on but it still took a long time to get a diagnosis?

    Thank you all for your help and support!
  • robertjon
    Yes, it took many months and tests before I had a diffinitive diagnoses of MS. The spinal tap gave a good clue, then the brain MRI sealed the deal. After that things started happening - on medication (Rebif), physical therapy, many appts. with other specialists for cognitive and mood problems, last week was prescribed Lexapro to stablelize seratonin in my brain (an anti-depressant). I understand how messed up it is to not know for sure or what to do about the symptoms. My diagnoses was last spring, though I`m sure I`ve had MS for many years. It sure explains many symptoms I`ve had for a very long time. God, please Bless us with a cure, Jon
  • MS_Navigator_Steph
    Hello Jessica9280,

    Thanks for your post. Because there are no laboratory tests or specific set of symptoms that definitively point to a diagnosis of MS, confirming the diagnosis can be complex. During the testing process, the doctor will rule out other conditions that could be causing symptoms. To benefit persons in the diagnostic process, the Society has compiled a comprehensive list of other conditions that a doctor may wish to evaluate a patient for: Other Conditions to Rule Out.

    You may also want to check out the following information from our website that describes possible MS and what to expect during the diagnostic process:
    Possible MS

    Diagnosing MS

    I encourage you to keep talking to your doctor(s) about ways to manage your symptoms while they figure out what is going on.

    MS Navigator Stephanie