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  • momof3boysandagirl

    I have not been diagnosed with MS.  About 6 months ago, I had an EMG done on my pointer finger on my left side because it had a burning sensation that lasted for months.  The EMG came back fine.  The doctor asked me if I had any other pain happening anywhere else.  It got me thinking that I have had quite a few aches and pains.  He suggested that I talk to my primary doctor because he thought I may have symptoms of MS.  Since then, I have kept track of my symptoms.  

    The burning pain in my finger went away and I felt great for a few months and I thought my husband was right, I am going nuts.  Now, in the last couple months, I've been having a lot different symptoms going on.  

    So, this leads to why I'm typing this.  Because we have a high deductible I am getting a lot of grief from my husband about going in.  He thinks it's all in my head.  Can anyone tell me if they think I should pursue talking to my doctor about this.
    -Tingling and sharp pain in my left toes
    -pain, weakness and tightness in my left elbow down to my fingers
    -raondom hoarse voice
    -random itchy throat that leads to a hacking cough
    -Crazy itchy nose
    -feeling of weekness in thighs
    -pain and burning in eyes
    -frequent daily headaches that start in the eyes
    -Outer right ear pain and neck pain
    -tired a lot and low energy

    All of these symptoms would go just as fast as they would come except for the elbow.  I thought I tennis elbow for months.  I've had pain in my eyes and a headache for a week.  Now, yesterday, I came down with a low grade fever (100.3) and I my body ached so bad I couldn't even stand it.  I was contantly stretching because everything felt so tight all the way to my toes. Today I feel amazing!  Nothing hurts, and I don't have a fever.  Can anyone please tell me whats going on?  My husband tells me I just had the 24 flu bug.  I won't be seeing my primary until the 28th.  Any advice until then?

    Sorry for rambling... I'm just so confused.  Thanks in advance for any advice given.

  • basey23
    Get to the ER now. 
  • momof3boysandagirl
    I'm confused as to why you'd say that since I'm feeling fine now. Can you explain?
  • bubbadog66
    I can relate to those "invisible" and unexplained symptoms and for years being told it is all in my head...that's where the going insane comes into play. I have MS and my MS presents many of the same exact symptoms you describe. In my case diagnosis came according to my neurologist probably a decade or more since my MS began. Given there is no cure and it went untreated so long my stabilization presents with challenging limitations. I didn't know what i didn't know! It's practicing medicine for a reason, no simple or cheap testing for it. Be ASSERTIVE where your health is's better to be safe than sorry. No one knows your body better than you so do NOT let others pass judgement. Remember, it is none of your business what people think! If in fact it is MS or some other chronic illness early diagnosis is key to retain the best maximum quality of life you can. This is the REAL deal, not a dress rehersal...quality of life is PRICELESS. Look into "free care" with your docs and hospital, pay $5-10 a month, but put your foot down and investigate...knowledge is power. There are no solutions to attend to if the problem is not apparent! If it is MS the good news is there are better solutions for it now than even 5 years ago. I've been on Tecfidera since Feb, two months after being diagnosed and according to my MRI in May it is working, i have no noticable addition legions and such, no additional damage. Currently i have around 30 legions in my brain and spine so being "normal" again for me is but a pipe dream unicorn fairy tale thing...BUT, my life is far from over now that i am informed and have solutions.

    Best of luck to you, you're NOT alone in this!! 
  • momof3boysandagirl
    Thank you, I really appreciate your reply.
  • laughingspirit
    Please, please, please get into a good doctor ASAP!  Trust yourself and listen to your body. Your life is more valuable than any amount of money!