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  • jackbijou
    I have brain lesions but no definite answer as of the cause. So now I am getting a spinal tap, VEP, and a MS mimics test. I feel a bit bummed that I didn't really remember to tell the specialist that I saw, all of my symptoms. A lot of them can really only be described by MS. But that's alright.. He says some of my lesions are suspicious. A few are superficial, and some are by the Periventricular part of the brain. I had such a hard time typing this out; my fine dexterity skills are declining... What can I expect from these tests? I am just very anxious for a proper diagnosis. Thanks for reading!
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi jackbijou,

    MS can take some time to diagnosis because there isn't one test or one symptom that, alone, can confirm the diagnosis, but it sounds like you are moving foward with testing to determine what is causing all your symptoms.

    You may want to view our page that discusses Diagnosing MS. It reviews information about all the tests you mentioned.

    You may want to make a list of the symptoms you are having or have had to bring to your doctor's visits. This link addresses how to make the most of your doctor visits and tips for preparing for your appointments. 

    I hope this is helpful.

    MS Navigator Stephanie

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