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  • chels8900
    Hi everyone.
    I'm new to this page.
    I'm having symptoms of which I'm not sure if they are MS.
    for the last 14 months my doctor keeps saying fibromyalgia. In the last few weeks I have been getting numbness and tingling in face face, started in my cheek, now I get it on many places on my face. Cheek, corner of my lip,tongue,around nose. Today I have had a weird tingling sensation in my tongue. I have had a ct scan to rule out stroke and brain tumour
     ct scan come back as normal. Went to my doctor this morning. They have said they dont think my symptoms have warranted a brain MRI instead have sent me for a cervical spine MRI because of the pain I get in my arms and legs and I also get pain in my neck, the pain from my neck goes up into the back of my head also. I've been worrying myself sick about it all. Keeping finding myself in tears.
  • mkaymkaymkay
    I was admitted to the ER a month ago cause of ascending numbness and tingling from toes to pelvis. My physician was afraid of it being Guillain Barre or MS so she wanted me at the ER ASAP and i said i promise i’ll go but she didnt believe me and stood w me till someone came to take me to the ER cause i had told her i dont have time to sleep in a hospital cause i have finals and homeworks. Im glad she dId that and two days later i was diagnosed with MS in the hospital.  I got lucky with my physician as she took it seriously and I think you should look around for a neurologist (I think this website offers referrals), even at the hospital and even after i went to see other neurologists they kept checking my tongue and my face, they put their hand across my cheecks, forehead, asking if they feel the same or if i am able to taste everything or if its numb too. Anyways my point is, i dont want to scare you and im still learning about Ms myself, and i am new too but based on my experiences with drs checking my face too and constantly asking me about numbness in my face, it can be ms i think for you as well. One dr had said it usually starts in the face or partial blindness in one eye. Get your mri however possible. If this website has a phone number call for a referral for an mri at least. They found 20+ lesions in brain and 2 in my spine
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello! Welcome to MS Connection. I am sorry you are experiencing such debilitating symptoms. I'd suggest reading more about symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis here: Symptoms

    If you feel that your specialist does not fully understand MS, you may want to consider going to an MS Specialist in your area. You can search for Partners in MS Care here: Partners in MS Care

    Please know you can always give us a call at 1-800-344-4867 to speak to an MS Navigator Monday through Friday, 7am-5pm MT. Good luck and take care!

    Warm Regards,
    MS Navigator Abigail
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    So sorry you are going through this and it does seem like to me you may be getting a bit of the run around, which from what I hear happens far too often with possible Ms diagnosis. Let me share a bit of my diagnosis story to start. My first symptoms of Ms probably started quite awhile ago but due to my dislike of doctors & hospitals and all that I found ways to write off just about all of them, which was a mistake. I was seeing my primary doctor every one to three months for a blood pressure check as mine is usually always high though controlled with medication. Finally in mid may of 2017 I awoke with a symptom I couldn't ignore. My speech was noticeably slurred, besides slurred speech my lower right side of my jaw felt stiffer then usual & my smile was downturned. The face stiffness cleared up in about 2 weeks but the speech struggles continued into June. My mother (a retired nurse) told me when I see my doctor in early June to of course explain my symptoms, he went ahead and ordered a brain MRI. Also told me to see a neurologist, and by late July of 2017 I had my Ms diagnosis following a brain MRI with lots of Ms lesions & a spinal tap containing high amounts of Ms related protein 'o' bands and due to the high findings in both, my neurologist believes I've had Ms for quite sometime. By August of that year I had started on Tecfidera as my Ms medication & physical therapy (partly for Ms & partly for cervical spinal stenosis, discovered from my c-spine MRI that followed my brain MRI). The reason I am telling you all of this is because I am stressing to you that a proactive team of doctors who are in your corner could prevent the runaround you're currently experiencing. It doesn't have to be that way, you should see a neurologist, preferably one who specializes in Ms. My neurologist isn't an Ms specialist but he seems highly knowleagable and I feel very safe with him. As for my primary care doctor, I couldn't ask for more, he's beyond amazing. That's the type of team you should try and find for yourself. No doctors are perfect but the limbo you find yourself in right now shouldn't have to occur. Your symptoms as you describe could very well be Ms, although Ms type symptoms are also related to other illnesses such as Lymes disease (blood work is usually ordered to rule out Lymes as was in my case). I hope you find the solid answers you seek sooner as opposed to later, that type of stress you're dealing with isn't good for anyone. I wanted to leave you with a list of common Ms symptoms.

    Signs and symptoms of MS can include:
    Muscle weakness, stiffness or cramps
    Tingling, numbness or pain in your body
    Tremor (shaking) in your arms or legs
    Loss of balance
    Problems walking or moving your arms or legs
    Speech problems
    Vision problems
    Fatigue (feeling tired all the time)
    Bladder or bowel problems
    Thinking and memory problems

    Take care for now & feel free to connect with me on here & shoot me a message anytime.

    Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. - Desmond Tutu
  • TheBillLarson
    The symptoms of MS mirror many of the symptoms of a host of other diseases and disorders which is part of what makes it hard to diagnose as well as hard to determine if the symptom you are eperiencing is truly MS related or not. Be careful though as I have heard stories of others who have said that it seems like their doctor just chocks up anything they can't explain or diagnose to MS, which may or may not be true.

    Whatever tests insurance will cover, get them. It's better than nothing. I had a doctor tell me that CT scans are nearly obsolete. There are some things where a CT scan is at least adequate or even does a better job than a MRI, but as I understand it for neurological stuff MRIs are the way to go.

    My wife, who does not have MS, primarily feels leg pain, tingling, and numbness but her doctor has attributed it to stenosis. The odd thing is those are exact symptoms I have that my doctors have attributed to my MS!

    I guess in my opinion the bottom line is you should get done whatever testing they will allow you to get done, and maybe even research why they are saying other testing is not necessary. One thing I have learned is that you need to be your own advocate today regarding your health. Gone are the days when your medical team and insurance handles everything for you, and about all you have to do is pay your copays for visits and prescriptions. It was part of the service. Now a days you essentially have to manage  your own health care!