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  • oldhippie

     I am asked this by so many I figure why don't I just make a list and check it twise!!! So here it goes.

       Fatigue--- Ah yes but only when I really want to do something.

      Numbness--- yep mostly in my right leg and foot and it is most always there.

       Walking(gait)--- Always my right leg &foot went away about two years ago and never came back.

       Balance &Coordination---well yes but it comes & goes depedning the Fatigue?

       Vision---I seem to loose my left eye as the day wares on.

       Dizziness & Vertigo--- the Dizziness has become much in the last year or so, as for Vertio--well first I need to just know what that is?

       Pain--- Oh yes it never goes away, it's in my lower back, my right hip & leg & right foot, and latily it has started up in my right arm.

       Cognitive Dysfuntion---Well I think so but I am not really sure, I can't remember is that what my wife said, maybe I can't rememder!!

      Emotoional Changes----Yep, I find myself crying a lot & vary sad at times for no real reason, and I get vary angry at a drop of a hat.

      Depression--- Yes a lot, anyone has been fallowing any of my post know where I have been and what I am doing to surivie it!!!

      SpeechDisorders--- Yes at times but not all of the the time, only when I have something important to say.

      Headache--- yes I have had a headache ever since Nov. 2012 mostly on the left side just above my ear. It never goes away it's just bad really bad at times.

      Tremor--- at times, mostly in my lips&left cheek&up into my left eye.

      itching---Well I was boing with what Doctor told me but not one of mirrical ever stopped it, not anything has really worked for me yet. but haven't given up!

     So there ya go and maybe this will help someone out there to see that it is not them, it's all of us in one way or another!!




  • silverfeather31

    Oldhippie you just laid out my experience except mine is on the left. My left leg comes and goes as it will. If it goes, I fall. No question about it.

    Right now I was doubting myself. My diagosis is pending and I'm scared they'll say I'm crazy or it's my imagination or something. Your post helped me see... I am not alone.



  • oldhippie

    No silverfeather31 you are not alone you are just one of us, wanting an answer, you are not crazy it just seems that way sometimes!

    oldhippie with huges

  • loveme2015
    Hang in there beautiful. Several years my primary care doctor keep telling me it's your imagination r I was under a lot of stress it will all go away. Well I was hurt at first because I knew what I was feeling and what was going on with me. Starting seeing a neuro doctor who understood everything went through all testing and was diagnosed with MS. Now we are trying to manage the symptoms and pain so that I can try to live life to the best of my ability. One thing for sure is no matter what goes on, I will never give up the fight. Through all the pain and all the weirdness I experience, I will continue to move forward and learn to live with this and live a very good life. Right now I'm learning to eat healthy and find foods that feed the brain. I play lots of memory games and other cognitive learning to help me. My pain is usually on my right side. Yet I have weakness on my left side so it gets rough sometimes but nevertheless I cope and NOT GIVE UP!! I use a walking on the days that I'm feeling dizzy and off balance. I only use it to avoid falling. Don't want no broken bones to add to the pain. Bless you and know you are never alone.
  • sahsh9269
    Wow!  Now that you listed it and I see silver feather saying same but other too!  My left side is the trouble side.  What meds are you thinking? Iam leaning toward low dose naltrexone. Don't know as Aubagio and Tecfidera made me feel worse. I do not (cannot) work and walk with cane because of balance issues. Your chat is helpful. Thanks. Hope you are well.
  • karankouren
    No your not crazy, although some Dr's. out there might make you feel this way, early in my diagnosis, ( I was diagnosed), by 3 Nuerologist, then had to see some other Nuerologist and he said that "I'm hyperventalating", pretty funny, I was then sent to see Nuerologist at the Denver Universty and there were 4 Doc. there, 2 said definetly M.S., 2 of the others said no, the reason the said was because I had over 30 leison's on my brain.  Why am I saying all this, when I moved to MN. this last time I went to see a nuerologist in Fargo, he showed me the MRI, and said that he could see why some of  the other's were confused, yes I had over 30 leisons, but 10 of them were "wet leison's", apparently the "wet leison's" are M.S. leisons.  Don't let these drs. make you feel crazy, the new technology  reading the MRI's have come a long way.
  • angeloverallie
    His story does fit.mine the right arm and leg too.only differencell in mine is they're not sure if they're I have a scarring from the lesions or if it's a tumor so I have to have more testing. It is a horrible feeling like you're alone and nobody understands how you feel from day-to-day I guess you're not alone just we don't know the people that feel like we do. Good luck
  • angeloverallie
    His story does fit.mine the right arm and leg too.only differencell in mine is they're not sure if they're I have a scarring from the lesions or if it's a tumor so I have to have more testing. It is a horrible feeling like you're alone and nobody understands how you feel from day-to-day I guess you're not alone just we don't know the people that feel like we do. Good luck
  • Davids
    I deal with a lot of the things you are. There are times it can feel like to much. Then I remind myself nothing is placed on your plate that you can't handle. So I just tell myself to pull your self up there are people that have it way worse than I do. 
  • oldhippie
    This is a vary late reply to Davids but thank you, and yes the only way I can move ahead is to wakeup every morning and tell myself today is going to be better then yesterday and believe it to be true!!!
  • c4ntst0pm3
    Oldhippie, that seems to fit quite a few people's experiences including mine. Only differences are I'd need to add spasticity, my hands feeling like they are on fire (luckily that went away with the last IVSM treatment), and my speach troubles twist my tongue at will and at random. 
    silverfeathe31, hang in there. I know (most or all of us on here probably know for that matter) the feeling of not knowing. When I was going through testing to rule out all of the other possibilities I couldn't wait to finally know. I litterally drove me to making a potentially deadly decision according to the doctor that performed my lumbar puncture. I have a colloid cyst in my brain and the doctor perofrming the LP warned me that drawing fluid could cause my brain to fall inside my head instead of being free floating in fluid as it should. I opted to go ahead with the LP. Looking back I have to be greatful that (again according to the doctor) I didn't become a different type of statistic as I would have left behind a then 16year old daughter that lived with me and an 18 year old daughter that is out on her own. 
    The symptoms are unforgiving and not knowing what tricks MS will play next is even worse but we all are still alive and able to offer each other the support of others having similar experiences we often seek on here. 
    To all, I have been reading here and there on treatments for MS and intend on asking my doctor when I establish care here in my new town about one in particular. According to the site I found it on (sorry I can't remember where I was it - we can blame MS for that if it helps) one doctor I think in Norway or Sweeden or some such place is basically rebooting the imune system of his patients VIA chemo. Essentially they kill the imune system then infuse healthy blood stem cells to restart it. From what I read is seems to be promising. I hope someone licks this thing if not in my time some time soon.
  • karankouren
    Fatigue-every day, never lets up, no matter what I do, I force myself to keep going, but it's so hard, it effects my ability to spend quality time with my kids, grandkids, friends....
    Numbness-my whole right side, never goes away, sometime more intense, I have numbness in so many places, the center of my back, the left side of my nose always feels like it's asleep, can't even breathe properly through it.  Up and down my spine, there are places that I have absolutely no feeling at all, I can stab myself with a pin and not feel a thing.
    Gait-It is worse at times than others, but it's difficult to walk any distance because my right side seems to do weird things, my leg gets so heavy...
    Balance, well let's just say, I lose my footing all the time, Fall periodically, sometimes I feel like I'm tripping over something, but nothing is there, too weird.
    Vertigo, it's like everything starts moving, spinning around, it happens to me almost daily and more than 5 x's a day, it's difficult, i had testing done to find out if it was an inner ear thing, nope, I have what they call "true vertigo", caused by the M.S.,
    Pain, everyday, usually localized on the right side, my back, and  severe headaches and nothing has helped, even with the migraines, they give me drugs that put me out, but when I wake up it's still there.
    Cognitive-seriously, my short term memory is non existent, there are some words I can't even say anymore, numbers are really hard, I can't be in a room with more than 1 or 2 people at a time because the noise and the inability to follow in any conversation seems to make me have siezures, or something like that.  I have complete blackouts.
    I have tremors all the time, especially in my right arm and hand.
    How about spacisity, I wake up in the middle of the night from them being so severe and no matter what I do, I can't get it to stop, I even take med's for it.
    Itching, yes it's terrible, but when I try to scratch it, it's like it's not there, but it is, I know that sounds weird, it's like a phantom itch.
    I've been on alot of meds, either the side effects are too severe, or they don't work at all, anyone else have this problem?  Or how about the exact opposite effect-anyone else have these experiences.  I started a conversation about this, but didn't get any replies, maybe I'm the only one, sometimes I feel like i'm just a bit crazy, but know I'm not.
    anyway, well I don't know if I've said anything that is useful, but I hope so.
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  • chall67
    Hi, you have described me to a tee. Everything symptom you listed, I have. I experienced when I was diagnosed last year. Went to therapy for vertigo. Cognitive testing....I wasn't crazy. Being in a room with more than 2 ppl. Then I finally got the diagnosis and started copaxone injections 3xs a week and improved so I was able to return to work. Then I got an UTI and apparently the UTI and MS seem to be fighting themselves. I can't break the cycle and have been in a flare up for 4 months now, lost my job. Kinda losing hope and I'm a very positive person. Sorry for the rant but what you said touched my heart. I've never heard it put into words. Thank You! I don't feel alone anymore.
  • heatherg92
    I have hemifacial spasms is that what you had?? My left side of my face has been twitching for a week with no relief. Neuro said I wasn't having a relapse and that it'll eventually go away. I'm so self conscious about it. 
  • Rich1007
    Dude!!!! Yeah, DEAD ON!!!!
  • DeborahH66
    Thank you so much for posting. I have a lot of the symptoms you described and it has been tough.I started my 4th med and am hoping this will stabilize me.