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  • oldhippie
      So is a daily Life for someone that suffers from haveing ms (P.P.M.S.) what ever that may be?? My day's all start the same, up and out of bed by 6:30 am fix lunch for my 14 year old daughter and try and get her started, then it's out the door and with all my power and internal strength ot over come my wish to not even move I fight to get into my Jeep and drive her the 2.5 miles to school and then back home (2.5 miles) and have to fight to get back out of the Jeep without catching my foot and falling on my face (i have had this happen more then once) and this is how it goes everyday.

      I get home to a empty house and pour a cup of coffee and untill the last few weeks most likely would spill most of it just trying to get to my chair and sit down (found a new cup with a lid the other day) not so much spilling. And untill around 2:00 pm this is where I can be found (I don't go back to bed) as this would not be a good fight for me and means spending more of the little bit of energy I have to work with.

      I sit and read post here from all sorts of people (mostly women) as ms either dose not effect men as much or men just keep it to themselves and don't talk about it as much(I don't know) but that is how I see it. And as for me as I have been told I talk to much, I ask to many qusstions, I don't wait long enough for answers, and I gusse I don't listen for the answers. Maybe this is all true and again I don't know, so with that I will try and not talk so much, try not to ask so many qussetions, and by all means I will try and listen more closely for any answer's.

      I am sorry if I have ever or ever do offend anyone on here or anywhere else in my life.

  • MS Navigator Jess
    Thank you for sharing part of your daily life with us, Frank!!

  • oldhippie
    Thank you Jess for your post here, alot of others seem to have seen this but made no reply!
  • beaurylancambria
    I have read many of your posts and have never commented before now. Everyones journey is different. Everyone handles things differently. I choose to be happy! Dont get me wrong, I have my struggles. Last night I layed in bed and cried because my legs hurt so bad. I woke up this morning, my legs felt better. I met up with a friend and did some shopping. Bad times are hurdles, not road blocks. Choosing happy is a way of life. Its focusing on what you can do instead of what you cant. I find keeping busy gives my mind less time to feel sorry for myself. I hope you find the happiness your looking for :)
  • oldhippie
    Well let me first say thank you for you, I must say that what you say here is ever so true and for the most part I am happy but there are those times when I fill myself falling (emotionally)when I just can't seem to catch myself and I fall. Most of the time I am okay and thing's just fall around me I can just laugh at them or myself and in my dook this good!!!
  • oldhippie
    Thanks for your reply, and yes we all have a differant side of ms and a differant way to handle it. I have to much time by myself and that lets me fall down the rabbit hole vary easy, but I will make it back"always".