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  • quiet_summer
    Newly diagnoses (April 2017), new nursing student with a good medical understanding, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around this still. I have great days where everything is fine. And then I have days where I just fall apart and can't think how to reconcile myself as a person with MS and all the possible things it could bring.

    Anyone else struggle here?
  • basey23
    U know what to do? Do what I do. Don't think abt it. It's mind over matter. Eat as heathy as possible. Work out in a gym. Take ur vitamins. I take 4 vitamin D and a omega 3 and Turmeric. It will help you. 
  • bubbadog66
    I understand! I'm newly diagnosed too (Dec 2016). Read as much as you can about it. This is only the begining. Without help it will define you, or so i hear! To get from "here" to "there" takes TIME. Get one on one or group peer support. You're not alone unless you choose to be. Baby steps toward forward motion. It WILL NOT be graceful, but that is ok. Live in the solution one unpredictable moment at a time. We are both still in the grieving process. Be kind to yourself at all cost and practice, practice and practice again....the quickest route to getting there from here. Thx for your post, keep in touch with us!!! You are NOT alone and it helps us to listen to and help you along!!
  • maria1
    "...all the possible things..." is just your imagination going wild, like writing a 'twilight zone' epsiode.

    ​We ahve always enjoyed letting our imagination run wild, we began as children making believe. Now is a good time to begin, 'thinking happy thoughts', a good habit to get into. And to be in the moment, right now, right here, in the present. And yes, you must work at it, but it will cheer you up and make the days better, and the years too.
  • MS_Navigator_Steven

    This is Steve with the National MS Society. 

    Coming to terms with a diagnosis of MS is certainly a huge adjustment.  I just wanted to provide you the following link which will take you to information for someone with a new diagnosis.  I also wanted to invite you to reach out to one of our MS Navigators should you have questions or want to talk over the support services and resources available to you.  We can be reached at 1-800-344-4867 option #1.

    Take care,

  • grobles049
    I know exactly what youre going through. I was diagnosed last year (may 2016) and still strugle with this at times. My best advice would be to keep busy, eat healthy, exercise, surround yourself with good people, and most importantly doing things that make you happy to keep your mind occupied. 
  • Avatar
    As opposed to being irritating in light of the way that you have to sit tight to something, be appreciative for the extra time you have now to see UK Assignment Help and respect your condition. We need to endeavor however much as could be relied on to see and be appreciative for the unmistakably insignificant unnoticeable parts. Who knows, paying little regard to whether we can pull that off conceivably everything will start to turn. I truly like your post, much respected.
  • eliztdel
    I was also diagnosed with ms in April of this year. I definitely struggled with the unpredictability of symptoms and feeling dread at the course my disease could take. I have great days and days that I struggle, but I know that ms has helped me in ways too. I now eat right, exercise, try to sleep well, and take vitamins. I've also slowed down so much (due to extreme fatigue) that I notice the little things in nature that so many people miss. I value my time more, too. And I've really focused on meditating every day.
    It's still a struggle when I think about the future, but if I live in the present moment I will be ok.
    Give yourself time to grieve for your losses. And ask for help when you need it. Support is important. We will all struggle but we will all be okay, too. 
    One day at a time!
  • april9517
    i was diagnosed with MS in March of this year and am currently wokring as a CNA going to school to be a PA. I think the hardest part for me being in healthcare is i work at a rehab and see a lot of patients there because of their MS, most in wheelchairs and many unable to do things for themselves. Once I even had a patient who did his 5 days solumedrol with me, has the same neurologist, and ended up losing his ability to walk two days later. I still struggle with it everyday but i have to keep reminding myself that a lot has changed and the face of MS is different. Since we do have medical backgrounds we know what can happen, what has happened, and what we can do to prevent or lessen those things. I think I prefer knowing what can happen and understanding it more so than if I didn't. My Neurologist himself actually has MS and that has helped me a lot as well. I dont know how he does it honestly, but it helps knowing hes had it for so long and help people with it and he still has his mobility and is able to get up every morning to help others. I think there will forever be those awful days and those days that it is always on your mind. Just know, youre not alone in this. that many other people are going through the same and that seems to help me most. 
  • nursep
    I was fortunate because although I have had this disease since high school I did not get diagnosed until 5 years ago at 43 I finished mursing degree got married had kids lived a normal life despite some weird symptoms over the years. My advice is after you are done dealing with the shock and grief just forget about it. Dont let it take any more time than it absolutely requires Go live your life and enjoy. MS will come  visit but hopefully like my Irish relatives will leave quickly lol  It is not hopeless it is manageable most of the time. You can do what you want in life. Big hugs from an old nurse to a new nurse Congrats it is a great job I did it for over 25 years had to reture this year yes due to ms but returement rocks so no tears lol
  • wulves
    Everyday your not alone here Summer. Read my post ...Why.... and others here who posted their frustration and confusion. Maybe that will make you feel not so alone and make you feel a little better. We are all at a loss. Just keep moving thats all I do because if I stop moving I think im done. I dont have an answer because im with you IDK what to do anymore either.

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