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  • maria1
    Ofentimes we forget, not just us, everyone, that is why checklists were created. Hospital addmitting forms are checklists, things that identify us, separate us from the next person, issues we have, things we need, things we dont have. We all make checklists, before you run the dishwasher you think, did I add soap, rinse agent. When we get up in the morning we have a checklist, get out of bed, put on slippers ,turn off alarm, etc. We all forget, I forgot my lunch, I forgot my book, I forgot money.

    Wellness is sometimes relevant if we remember to take medication, clean the site before injecting, drink plenty of water when taking pills. Many jobs have checklists, especially those with a variety of steps to be performed before completion. If you have ever written a page, a letter, you have used a checklist, name address date, recipient name, address, salutation, body, closure signature, we look to be sure we have left nothing out.

    Have you ever seen a daily checklist for living with ms? Let us write one to aide us in our daily chores of living with ms. What is important for us every day, what special issues do we need to address, what simple rules can we create on paper to remind us to think about, stuff we dont have to worry about remembering because we forget to remember. Instead of having post it notes all around the house for daily messages, we can create a list of things we ought consider every day, that if we make a check mark on the item we will know we did it, we wont have to bother with remembering, all we need do is look at the list for today to KNOW for sure we did it, like those weekly pill containers for the days and segments of the day,(as long as we remember what day it is, we are fine, giggle). All the tools to make things easier for ourselves.

    Please think about what you need ot remember, what you forget, why you need to know something, and why it is important to be reminded to think of it. 

    This checklist is for us, to make our lives better, it has not(to my knowledge been done before), it is necessary, valueable, useful, thoughtful and a good addition to our thinking.

    I shall begin, we can vote, comment, add, subtract, we are writing a manual together,

    !: Are the bowels open (gross aint it, ha ha, saved you from having to add it to the list, it wont have to be first, but I think it maybe should be)

    Removing waste prevents infection and poisions from comprimising the immune system, it also frees up room for nutrients to be delivered to the cells.
  • maria1
    2. Am I drinking enough water

    Water is the best way to provide oxygen to the brain

    3. Diaphramatic breathing

    Diaphramatic breathing brings more oxygen to the cells than shallow breathing

    4. Are my muscles soft

    Soft musucles prevent spasms 
  • maria1
    5. Is the mind quiet

    The noise we manufacture with worry and what if, gives our imagination work at creating make believe situations in the extreme that takes time away from our brains ability to solve problems and repair damage.

    6. forgiveness

    Letting go of the burden of wrongs we believe have been done to us is not for those whom we believe have wronged us. It frees us from carrying around the poison those wrong inflicts on our psyche. Forgiving ourselves is a way to free ourselves from any suffering we have made for ourselves. Some of our pains are self made and damaging our ability to identify ms related issues.

    7. pain

    If we forget to check if we are in pain we may lose energy. Pain is a way of our body telling us something is wrong. And at the same time, pain can also be a way of our nerves mis-firing creating an illusion of pain or a habit of pain we can eliminate. Without paying attention to our pain level we will not be able to make the distinction, which can wear us down, mentally physically and emotionally.

    8. Priorities -mental, physical, emotional

    Today, what do we need to pay attention today. Which part of ourselves is bothering us the most. Can we reward ourselves with a gift to bolster the most needy. A day off from housework, a present to cheer us up, a trip to the park to look at the sky, a swim in the pool, an hour of yoga. What can we give to ourselves to make our day better.

    9.. What can we throw away

    The past is always with us, some of those memories are worthless, yet because we have experienced them we thing we always need them clinging to us for us to know who we are. Yet, we are no longer those people, they are gone. Each day we are new and sometimes we forget to begin anew and carry old habits with us, just because they are barnacles hanging on, and they have always been there, some are not necessary for living a good life.

    10. happy thoughts

    Can I fill my day with happy thoughts to balance out the unhappy thoughts that keep creeping into my day. Can I be smile at those things I have accomplished when I was able, while I am crying for the things I am no longer able to do.  Can I fill my life with things useful.

    11. there is no right or wrong nor good or bad

    How we feel about things are valid. What we are feeling is valid. What is going on with us emotionally is always an accurate photo of right now, it is what we are feeling. Feeling is the most important fabric in our life, it is what makes us us, who we are, and we are important, to ourselves and if we are fortunate, to others. Hiding is not an option. We dont have to care what others think, we must take really good care of our selves first. When we have a sense of well being others will see who we are and know that we are not a burden to them, we are not taking from them, we are sharing with them , what works for us and thus what works for them. 
  • bcavos
    Thank you for this list it speaks to my heart and is a reminder of things I am missing.