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  • echobird
    Hi all I'm in southern California and i have been dealing with my health for a long time but my family all they see is a paycheck or hitting me up for my meds and I love them but I don't know what do anymore I'm at the end of my rope I've tried suicide even because of all the stress I put 7 75 microgram fyntanal patches on my nephew's supposed to be taking care of me and I get ihss 196 hours a month and I'm not getting the help I need I ask him for help and he just doesn't do hardly anything for me he comes over and drinks beer and leaves his can's everywhere for me to pick up he drops his daughter off at school and then hellh come over for three and a half hours basically hanging out and doesn't do much then leaves at times I can't even get a shower or cook for myself then he wants me to give him my home and let him take care of me and I'm not sure what to do anymore I fall a lot of times and get spasms and I'm the one who has to suffer and have everyone play games and mess with my head. I'm at the end of my rope oh and then on top of that I have people spying on me all the time and talking about me I can hear them talking they have my place bugged and keep trying to drive me insane I even downloaded a bug detector AP and I just don't know how to get them out of the travel trailer I'm staying in right now. I had to move out of my house because of it was foe of mold hair like fibers growing through the drywall and round things growing through the wooden floors and I don't know what I can do anymore I tried telling my nephew that I wanted someone else to take care of me and he threatened to beat me up even.
  • maria1
    Hello echobird,  Here are some ideas that may get the ball rolling to finding a solution:

    !: You can call the crisis hotline listed in the front of your local phone book.
    2. You can threaten your family that you will call the crisis hotline.
    3. You can call the National MS Society to see what services are available for you in your area, or to just speak with a navigator about what your choices may be.
    4. You can call the police.
    5. You can make sure there is no beer at your place.
    6. If your nephew is being paid directly by some agency you can tell him you will report him for non performance of duty.
    7. You can call the abuse hotline, also listed in your phonebook.

    Just because you love your family it is no excuse for you to be the enabler, actually, it is the best reason for you NOT to be the enabler. Your first responsibility is to take good care of YOU, THEN WHATEVER IS LEFT OVER YOU CAN SHARE WITH YOUR FAMILY.

    I know family is important, but the best life you can have is more important than a family that is abusing you.

    Enough already, please do not let this situation continue, dont let family make your life worse. maria
  • echobird
    I feel like if I do then I'm damned in a way and I don't want to not be able to see my great neices they are his kids his oldest is my favorite of them all she means the world to me but with everything I feel like I have to do something before it gets any worse because the stress from everyone and everything else is affecting my health my adversely than can be amagined I had taken a pretty bad fall on Monday and I asked him to take me to the hospital and his response was you don't need to go you didn't fall that hard and since then my fake hip implant has been hurting me more than ever... Now on top of that I have 4 doggies that mean the world to me as well and if I go in then they are left alone for days on end other than a half hour twice a day and I don't want to be stuck in no hospital or nursing home I had a bad experience in one nursing home already.
  • maria1
    okay, you have many reasons to keep things as they are. i am sorry you are in this situation. You have my best wishes for a better outcome.
  • gabrielle519

    I am so sorry you are going through this. I need you to know you don't deserve this at all. This is abuse and no matter the reason it is wrong. I really hope he isn't bugging your house or trailer. I think you need to talk with a social worker about getting you into a better situation I know that at my MS center they have social workers to help with this stuff. Someone needs to know whats going on there are laws to protect people being abused by a caregiver. The MS society might also be able to help. This is a toxic environment you need help. THanks Gabrielle