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  • echobird
    Owe to this life of spasms and pain
    how deliteful it is to be dispiteful 
    And when we thought it all was done MS tricked me and decided to have some more fun
    And after that fact we try to just go on and relax 
    But then my brain starts to act insane 
    All we ever ask for is to end the pain and someday and one day are lord will grant us repreve but until then we will try our best to not go insane.
  • maria1
    I love it, irony, humor and acceptance, well done bird!!!
  • echobird
     thank you so much. I have been up and down for the last month or so more stressed out and my symptoms have been acting up because of the stress and worry and there's time's I really wonder how to keep going with the way life has become. But I think it's due to the fact that I have a good family but I really don't see them that often. And I try to just ignore what's been going on and I get so overwhelmed. So i tried to explain it to everyone here who has been through this and I appreciate any and all advice.