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  • maria1
    Do you sometimes feel like your brains are scattered all over the place and it is impossible to center yourself, or you cant figure out how to evaluate your symptoms. Do you want to find the right vocabulary to describe what is going on with you. Are you looking to decide if your symptoms are worth contacting your health care provider. Do you wonder if you are the same as you were six months ago but have no way of knowing. Are you wondering what health care providers think is important signs of progressing or slowing of ms. If you answered yes to any of these querries consider going to: to the RESEARCH page and taking one or more of the surveys that are posted. You dont have to complete a survey if you dont want to, they dont want your name, and you will be supplying necessary statistics to aide all of us, and you will be in a postion to advance your knowledge of ms and how it is affecting you, more quickly than any other resource available.