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When a wheelchair?*

  A question for chair users:  1) What was your moment when you decided to start using a wheelchair? One of my struggles with MS is that there is no defining moment like when a person has a spinal cord injury. It’s always and endlessly a question: When do I use a cane? A walker? A wheelchair? If I fight harder… Read More

Heat side effects on MS*

It's going to be 40 Celsius tomorrow here in Cairo-Egypt, if I went out for work tomorrow, would that affect me badly, as far as I know that heat is an MS enemy, so how much would that hurt me if I faced this heat tomorrow and the burning sun?!  Read More

Fighting to Retain my Mobility*

Hello everyone,  A couple years ago, some of you might remember, I posted an conversation regarding my fear of losing my mobility.  Well its been two years now and none of the new medications (Rituxan and Ocrevus) have really prevented the decline in my mobility due to my secondary progressive MS.   I still… Read More

Is this ms symptom not diagnosed *

Hello I went to ent doctor told him my ear has been ringing and popping alot mostly does it in the car the popping does and sometimes its crackly sounding .but he wanted to know if I had vision problems I said just ocular migraine evey blue moon well he assumes I have ms now because of these I went… Read More

Conversion disorder*

after 26 years of being diagnosed with MS a new neurologist said that since I don’t have the normal brain plaques seen in MS I have a Conversion Disorder (faking it)   I have had stroke like symptoms in the past and IV solumedrol has always helped me. My MRI shows small foci lesions throughout the cerebral… Read More

Thriving and Surviving with MS*

I woke up this morning thinking about how sometimes I have the tendency to think about how MS is preventing me from fully being able to do the things that I want. However, I want to move forward with thinking about how I’m thriving in spite of MS.  So, I wanted to pass the question on to you because i believe… Read More

Plastic Surgery and MS*

I was diagnosed with MS in 2015. Ive had no flare ups since diagnosis. Ive been on Tecfidera 240 mg. No other health related issues, although I did get shingles last year on my face. (Boy, was that painful) Any way, I lost about 60 lbs through diet and exercise 2 years ago and although Ive put a little of it… Read More


Whenever any professional sector faces the latest technology, there are questions or doubts that often arise. Most questions that arise are related to how technology can simply disrupt the whole or daily operation. Plus, it even involves the career of the people who are selecting that particular profession. And… Read More


I need your advice on a good rollator to buy.  I've looked at the variety online and I'm thinking of ordering the Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollater, I've called medical supply stores to talk about what they have, but they are only want to talk about insurance.  Their best advice is "talk with someone you… Read More


ive been getting burning on the left side of my head and left ear. Has anyone else had this happen to them ? Also feels like my heart beats harder then other times anybody have this happen as well ?  Read More