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Walking or not?

Hello fellow members. I have been having events where about every month I end up in a wheelchair. How long did this happen for you before ending up in a wheelwhair Permanantly? Please define what incidents lead up to not walking. I need help with defining events. I realized after changing my diet, that… Read More

Don't know what to do *

Hello. My fiance and I moved to Florida in April  He has had ms for about 10 years  My question is , due to the heat ,he is deteriorating rapidly . We have been unable to see a neurologist as of yet, the earliest we could get in is in November . I'm very worried about how quickly this is happening and I'm so… Read More


I suffer from MS disease since 2010 I suffer from numbness of limbs and I can not move I am from Morocco and treatment is not available here I hope you help me please  Read More

Tecfidera Sideffects*

Just started Tecfidera for my RRMS on the 6th of June. The first 2 1/2 weeks were greate. After that things went down hill. Started getting flushing which was no big deal then upset stomic then dirreah then throwing up. All this combined to fluelike symptoms. I have continued on this medication even though… Read More


So sometimes MS dosen't behave itself because it's like an attention hog... out of nowhere, when I woke up this morning my elbow was swollen, red, warm to the touch, and very painful. the doctor says its infected and I have bursitis and it will clear up in a few days in some heavy duty antibiotics (they think… Read More


Diagnosed 2012, this the first time I've joined any type of MS related outreach or support group .I'm a member of MSAA but never found way to connect like this .I do not like the BIG MEDIA sites and hopefully this will help me cope better. I'm tired now but will try to get bits added to my profile soon. I think… Read More

Help please *

It's my first ever post about my life, it's almost as im crying for help.I just cant take it anymore. I was first diagnosed two years ago and I am turning 24 years old this August. My symptoms have gotten so bad.. I dont feel my arms and right leg and whole right side of my body. I experience  Pain that… Read More

Night terrors *

Hi All, I am wandering if night terrors are something that comes with MS? I have a client who I care for who has recently been diagnosed with MS, she also has Costello syndrome however that doesn't have any correlation to the night terrors. This has begun recently and as soon as she falls asleep at night the… Read More

Atypical MS - What? *

Hello, Hopefully that subject caught your eye for several reasons. It is the phrase used in one of the reports my doctor used in my chart. A google google turns up nothing so I am here seeking help if any of you have had this.  I have nearly all the symptoms of MS and am close to becoming incapacitated. They… Read More


My PT wants me to start wearing a hard unhinged AFO for my foot drop.  She specifically wants me to wear it to protect my knee from hyperextension.  For the past couple years I have worn a device I created that helps me with my foot drop and weak hip flexors.  It has worked fine but now she wants me to add in a… Read More

Just Diagnosed- Confused *

Hello All, i was diagnosed about a week ago, and now trying to decide on a treatment plan! I was given four medications to research and decide which I would like to begin on! Any insight you have to the following medications would be great in helping me make an informed decision!  Betaseron/Extavia Rebif… Read More

Was my MRI properly done?*

My MRI around this time last year showed no lesions. It did show a tumor within the vertebral body of my C6 (hemangioma). When i finally received a copy of the report it says flat out that the amount of gladiolium contrast used was less then the recommended amount based on my height and weight. By about 5mm. I… Read More

urinary tract infections

This is my very first post. I am the caregiver for my husband who has progressive MS and was diagnosed in1991.  In the last several yrs he has been plagued with recurring UTI's. In july 12 he had a suprapubic catheter put in. Since that time he still continues with UTI's but now has a new bacteria that is… Read More


Hi, I've been overwhelmed with school. With 1 class 4 days a week for a hour, I spend from 8;30-3:00 at the college 5 days a week working on it. Episodes last winter and spring sure took alot cognitively from me! I had a test on chapter 2 (Excel) yesterday. I read the chapter 3 times, did all the projects in… Read More

Face flushing

Hi there from the tundra of Minnesota :) The last few days I do not feel sick at all, but my face has been flushed and I feel hot a lot. Could this be the MS, or more likely is it the Copaxone? Thanks for your help! Megan Read More

Frustration *

I am so frustrated while waiting for a diagnosis. I know I have MS, I have all of the symptoms and truly feel it. This has been going on for over 10 years. When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I just accepted it and lived my life. Now 10 years later and 100 more complaints, I am patiently waiting through… Read More


I was diagnosed a little over three years ago. I have numbness in my toes, and a general weakness in my legs. I booked a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, so I could gain some great memories with my wife and kids. Getting around in the August heat in Orlando is, however weighing on me. Any suggestions on… Read More