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  • tina85
    Hello all,

    Just recently my appeal was denied. In the letter sent to me it stated that my M.S was indeed severe as are my other health issues, and that I am disabled but they felt that I could still find work. Work that doesn't have chemicals around, and a job that doesn't require the use of my right side peripheral vision,or work that won't cause me to become stressed or over heated  just to name a few things listed. My lawyer and I had a good laugh at the letter, and their reasons why they denied my claim.  I was wondering if anyone else is or has had problems getting ssi/ssdi like me? Also for those who were approved how long did it take before you got appro
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi, I just wanted to say that it isn't just you.  It is common for people to be denied SSDI benefits.  Not just people with MS - anyone.  When having to go through an appeal, the process can take 1-2 years.  I'm very glad to read that you already have an attorney who can help you with this.

    Our Social Security Disability Benefits guidebook has some useful information about what to expect after your application has been denied.  Good luck to you - I'm sorry this happened, and I hope it works out.

    *MS Navigator Carla