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    Summer is upon us which—for some people—can mean worsening of MS symptoms due to the heat. What will you do to “beat the heat” and still have FUN this summer?
  • Lissajohnson
    well the heat don't bother me like the cold do.  I love the heat and I plan on enjoying time outside with planting flowers and going to bbq and maybe some beach time. the only thing is that it makes me very tired, can I can deal with that most of the time.  I do have an cold vest that I have and I have a cold scave that I got from the store that I put ice cubes in the holder and it does wonders for me, especially during swim meets.  My boyfriend found me a fan that hangs around my neck from walmart for about 5-6 dollars.  Love it love it love it.  Please check it out works wonders for me.Well I mostely use it for the hot flashes I've been going through. Not fun but fan is the best for that.
        As far as summer heat i will enjoy it becaue once cold weather and winter comes I'm just done  Hurt way to much to enjoy anything but my electric warming blanket.
  • Tara357
    I retired to Florida to be near my family.  As you can imagine it is super hot here in the summer.  It doesn't stop me from going out.  I do avoid being on the beach doing peak hours.  Two hours is the limit.   I go around 10 am and leave by noon.  I'm under umbrellas with a good sunblock on.

    I avoid outside events that will leave me for hours outside in the sun with little respite.  So yeah, no outside day park concerts for me anymore.

    When I ride my three wheel bike, I have a damp cool hand towel under my sun hat, to keep me comfy while I ride.  I don't overdo the ride. 20 to 45 minutes tops.  I drink plenty of water. 

    In my case, the heat of Florida was easier to handle than the cold of New York.  The cold did a number on me.  It made me walk like Frankenstein with an ipod. I could never get warm enough.
  • Surfbreeze
    This is my first summer since diagnosed. I now have cooling scarves that I soak/wring/ snap. They help, but I would love to hear some more beach tips. I melted and my kids dragged me off beach on early high heat/humidity day. Any ideas with walking problems on beach? Thanks!
  • allanmiller
    I use the Enduracool cooling scarves. Comfortable and they don't hurt the nerves in my skin because they are soft. 
  • GinaF
    I love to camp, so I also use bandanas and cooling scarves to beat the heat.  And when it gets too hot, I put my chair in the shaded creek and just R-E-L-A-X!!!!!!
  • robslatt4567
    I also am an expert at car or truck camping. First thing I do is make sure I get the weather right. No hiking for me. I park at the camping site and all my stuff is right there within easy reach. I don't have a support group but if i'm not on my own land, then I'm at a state park where a ranger does a drive thru every twelve hrs or so. Cheers to all, RS
  • jennifer_m
    The heat sometimes gets to me, but that's why the Good Lord invented fans and thermal water bottles.  Besides, I'm going to be spending the summer mostly inside earning the family's rent money.  Times when I am outside I'll have plenty of water, get myself a new swimsuit to swim and exercise in, and enjoy the blazes out of the farmer's Markets to get nice healthy fruit and veggies to cool down the diet with.
  • maria1
    Since July and August are high nineties and triple digits in Missouri our summer fun begins at dawn, when we water the gardens, pull weeds, trim what needs trimming and pick what is ripe and listen to the birds. Like today the work is done at 8am and it is already 88 degrees and will continue to warm up steadily till the sun begins to set, back out at dusk and work till dark. 
  • bweiss83
    I've been having so much fun with my daughter at the pool! She's 8mo old and loves to splash and kick in the water. 

    The heat really gets to me and takes a toll on my walking so I try to limit my outside time to early or late - I found these nano beads cooling necklace
    that work great and look pretty cool - you get about 1.5 hrs of cool off a freeze
  • TwstdsilverWI
    I keep 2 small spray bottles full of water in the frig when I'm not using them. When I start to overheat my 5-yr old and I spray each other like kids do with squirt guns. She loves this game and I'm feeling cooler in 10 minutes.
  • carma2915
    Hmmm. I listen to my body to be honest. I don't avoid the heat, but I still know to not play basketball for hours. I will play with my dog for a while and once I feel the funny tingling feeling in my hands I sit down and cool off by pouring water to my head and drink plenty of ice water. When I feel good enough I get back up and do it all over again.
  • sherriarose
    Whew this summer has been everything but fun! I am new to the heat sensitivity thing so I bring ice packs, handheld fan and wrist wraps to my son's games! That is pretty much the only time I get out of the house these days!  Especialy here in Louisiana,,,,,,,

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