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    The brain is a muscle too - Experts say that it’s just as important to exercise our mind as it is our body! From eating certain foods to playing online brain games, what do you do to exercise your mind?

  • maria1
    Playing with words, always looking for the double meaning, especially if I can make something funny out oif it.

    The brain is a muscle too - I see a big fat brain flexing like a bodybuilders arm.

    ​From eating certain foods - some see eating as a religious experience - If you saw a diner or resturant that said FUEL instead of food, would you eat there,

    ​I play word games online because I want to learn about the words I cant spell - sometimes I find words that I  do not know the meaning of but pay more attention to how to spell the word to see if i can hear how it should be spelt, or i play a jumble game that repeats the same sequences and i see that i repeat the same sequence too, but not recognizing the same words over and over again.

    ​Most of my mind games are to amuse me, to make me laugh because i agree that laughter is what is important in life, why? because it makes me feel better.

    ​A happy little moron, not in a demeaning sense but in the beauty(in the eye of the beholder), making my own beauty out of whatever, no matter how ugly. (pain is an ugly view, yet exquisite pain describes something  so terrible that it achieves a perfection.) [Perhaps it is the yin and yang of a thing, the two sides of a coin, the way to balance an existence, making a home out of a place I dont want to be, or being anyplace and making it home?]  Like thinking about the art of breathing - something we do all day long, and never give it a thought. Then, when we think about breathing we feel the air being injested into the lungs and imagine it being transported throughout the body, we forget, and go back to doing what we were doing. Just changing the view of the mundane.
  • maria1
    Sometimes I think we forget or dont know that we have power over our minds. We are not at the effect of what our mind chooses to do. We can control and steer our brains towards our goals instead of the randomness of what pops into our minds. How to use the brain is as important as feeding and nuturing it. We can train our brains to work for us instead of against us. There are many self help books that give us information about how our brains work. Rollo May was a psychologist who wrote books about teh feelings our minds put us through. We can cause our brains instead of being at the effect of them.
  • fpu4barbara
    I am a recovering alcoholic. just broke up with a gentleman who has MS for about 8 years. I don't think he has fully accepted that he has MS. I wish i could provide him the answer but, its something he needs to want to work on. 
  • maria1
    Isn't it odd how we seldom discuss the brain? We talk about every other part of th body but seem to ignore the brains of the outfit.

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