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    MS can feel like an uninvited guest to your family. While it can mean a missed baseball game or last-minute change of plans, it also can bring parents and children together in positive ways – like- movie night, relaxing at home, and even prompting meaningful conversations. How has MS changed your family life? What does quality family time look like now?
  • amber1219
    I have a 2.5 year old son.  I was diagnosed when he was 1.  While some days are harder than others, I feel like my MS has taught my son empathy and caring.  He understands now when Mommy is having hard day and needs help.  When other people are sick, hurt or need help, he nows has an understanding that he should be a big helper and assist them too. 
  • caroline-peer
    I think it  has definitely taught us to slow down a bit.  That it's OK to stay home and do fun things instead of running around to play dates and parties all the time.  For me knowing my limits and not overdoing it makes me feel the best which makes me a better mother :) 

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