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Posted 9 months ago

i am currently trying to find someone who successfully received stem cell treatment! i am interested in getting them sell myself. so... * where did you get it done and through who? * when did you have it done and how well has it worked for you? * whatever information i c...

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Posted 4 years ago

just wanted to know if anyone knows anyone who had fetal stem cell treatment?  is it safe?  does this work for ms?   do you have to continue treatments?   thanks.  

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Posted 9 months ago

hi charity - [url=https://www.nationalmssociety.org/research/research-news-progress/stem-cells-in-ms/stem-cell-clinics-questions-to-ask]this page on our website might be helpful to read.[/url] it includes a list of questions to ask stem cell clinics.

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Posted 3 years ago

i have been put forward to have a stem cell treatment. it will involve harvesting my own stem cells, wiping my immune system with chemo and the. being given back my own stem cells. in theory it will then reboot my immune system and the ms is history.  im aware it's high ris...

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Posted 7 years ago

i am interested in treatment with stem cells? has anyone received this treatment? where? how was it?

Discussion stem cells*
Posted 3 years ago

anyoneyry stem cells? where did you go? results?

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Posted 4 years ago

i took 4 injections over a 4 day period. nothing i have taken, has made such a quick and clean improvement.  by "clean" i mean, no uncomfortable side effects.  in my case, the only effects were, more stable walking and less dizzy.  you must not take injections for ...

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Posted 7 years ago

hi zada64, currently the only available stem cell therapy options for ms (in the us) will be within clinical trials (research studies).  if you go to www.clinicaltrials.gov and conduct a search for "multiple sclerosis stem cells" you'll find the studies currently being co...

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Posted 3 years ago

hi there! i know you're looking for some anecdotal information, but i did want to share with you what we have about stem cell treatment and ms: there has been a great deal of scientific and media interest in stem cells as a future treatment for ms. the national ms socie...

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Posted 6 years ago

how long will a stem cell transplant halt ms and other autoimmune diseases? i had a sct 17 months ago for cancer, but received the double blessing of an end to ms symptoms. i am now experiencing a few possible symptoms but not sure if they are truly a return of an ms relap...