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In September 1976, I had just graduated with a bachelors degree in music education but took a job at a bank as I no longer felt able to do that due to many things including strange lack of sensation that came and went and interfered with playing instruments. I also had a severe case of double vision with jerkiness like when the horizontal hold went out on televising sets (that dates me). I was exhausted all the making standing as a teller hard. I also couldn’t feel the money which made my cash drawer out of balanced by the end of the day. always On Labor Day weekend, while visiting family, I was asked if I was drunk, when I explained what was wrong,they urged me to see a doctor. What k8nd of Doctor was the question. A GP or a foot doctor. I went to the eye doctor who said my prob Ms were more serious than that. Since I didn’t have a car, he drove me to a neurologist who immediately hospitalized me and tested for a brain tumor.


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