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  • Gender Male
  • Age 40
  • Relationship Single

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I started to have problems in 2005. Numbness, lightheadedness, inability to see, tiredness.I drove a truck for a living so this was a problem. I went to get my eyes checked and he said your vision has not change but you cannot see. I went for an MRI and the results led me to a neurologist. Two more MRIs and a spinal tab concluded that I did have multiple sclerosis. I slowly started to decline little by little. I finally got laid off in 2011. I now have people that do everything for me. I try to work out but I am limited to want they are allowed to help me do. I built something to help me stand so I can get my legs and core stronger so I can stand. I would love to get out and run around like a used to be able to. I love to do anything outdoors, hunting, fishing, riding four wheelers, basically whatever I can get hurt doing. I will do it again!

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