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I have not been diagnosed but doctors suspect MS because of my symptoms. I've dealt with extreme fatigue, cognitive issues, vision problems, and balance issues for years. In the last few years these symptoms have become more life altering along with new odd symptoms developing. My body aches with fatigue, like how it feels having a fever with a virus. My legs tremble when I walk down stairs or when lift to stand on my toes to reach for something. Both my legs and arms feel as if they are filled with lead. Every movement seems to take so much more effort. I get these strange vibrations in my legs mostly. Off and on patches of goose bumps come up with a very strange tingling sensation on my right thigh. Random parts of my body feels numb at times. it might be my outer right thigh and inner left calf for a few days than its my middle toes on my left foot and the middle of my back. Or tingling and numbness in my face. I get muscle twitches all over. Sometimes very small everywhere and other times single strong ones that move a larger part of the muscle. There is also the buzzing feelings. They are vibrations that only affect a smaller section rather than the big vibrations which make my legs feel as if they are visibly shaking. My voice shakes sometimes from exhaustion I guess. I have to really push hard to even get my voice out. I'm unable to think clearly often. Someone at work can be talking about important things but its like I can hear them but no information is reaching my brain. I stare at the coffee maker trying to figure out what order the steps go to make coffee. That might be normal to someone just waking up but I do it during the day when I've already had a few cups of coffee. In the shower I forget which way to turn the nob for hot or cold. I have to just stare at it and try to focus. At times when I close my eyes to rinse my hair or wash my face I fall into the shower wall from losing my balance. This sounds like I'm whining, maybe I am, but mostly I'm hoping to get some feedback from anyone who might suffer from these symptoms. It feels so alone with the daily struggle when nobody around me understands.

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