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Experienced first mild sensory symptoms 13 years ago with numbness, tingling, pins and needles, random sporadic pains in my face, extremities and torso. Had all the tests run looking for MS while ruling out absolutely everything else. No diagnosis was possible at that time. It took two years for all the symptoms to disappear. Four years after being symptom free, I experienced optic neuritis, was treated with an in-patient 4 day course of solu-medrol via IV drip, followed by tapering off course of prednisone. No diagnosis of MS was possible at that time, either. Two weeks ago, after 6 years of remission, I again experienced optic neuritis symptoms, remembered and went to an ophthalmologist who said i did NOT have optic neuritis. My internal doctor referred me to a neurologist and for an MRI and voila, absolute proof of MS nerve damage. No other tests required. I hope for full remission as soon as this poison prednisone leaves my system. This is just a little glitch in my giddy up.


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