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I have a son, a daughter, and a wonderful wife that make life worth living, and it saddens me deeply that I cannot be more for them. I was diagnosed in '95 with galloping MS. My neurologist gave me nine months to live... so I got a new neurologist. I took Copaxone for a decade, Novantrone for 2 years, Gilenya once (bad side effect), and am now on Tysabri (6 months). I generally have no faith in "solutions" that spring from the pharmaceutical industry as it is in their best fiscal interest not to cure the disease, but to simply treat symptoms over several decades. Diet and exercise seem to be the only treatments that actually work. Still, the left side of my body is largely paralyzed. I'm professionally an electrical engineer and conduct cochlear implant research both in Denver and at the University of Washington to help the hearing impaired.

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