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I was just diagnosed with MS in March of this year (2019). My symptoms started in November and December of 2018 with intermittent tingling and numbness in my left hand and arm. I figured I had a pinched nerve in my neck and it would eventually work itself out. After a couple months it seemed to go away completely and I didn't think another thing about it. Then, in late January of this year, I awoke with a headache, pain behind both my eyes, floating lights, blurred vision, and dark areas in my vision. I blamed the vision issues on the headache, took some ibuprofen and gave it some time... then some more ibuprofen... and more time. By the second day, my headache and the pain in my eyes was nearly gone, the vision had nearly completely cleared in my right eye, but my left eye was still bad. By the fourth day, my left eye was still blurry and dark, like I was wearing someone else's dirty prescription sunglasses but only on my left eye. I had an upcoming eye doctor appointment, so I waited another week for that. When he tested me, he found nothing wrong. "Your eye health looks great!," he said. When he did the final exam, reading the letters on the wall. He did my bad eye first. When we got to my good eye, I said, "Wow, that is so much brighter!" Quite surprised, he prescribed a low dose of steroids and scheduled me for a followup appointment in two weeks. The steroids, even though it was a low dose, gave me the jitters, but didn't clear my eye. We moved up my follow-up appointment and he performed field of vision test - the only thing that showed what I was describing. "I think its your optic nerve," he said. That day, I drove 45 minutes away to see an optic nerve specialist who essentially told me that it was optic neuritis and he thought we were dealing with MS. He prescribed an MRI and got me into a neurologist faster than I could have on my own. I went though a second MRI, was referred to a second neurologist that specializes in MS and NMO, got a spinal tap (and spinal headaches for a week and finally a spinal patch), and then got my official diagnosis of MS with a strong possibility of NMO. Fast forward 3 and a half months to present time (mid July now), my vision still hasn't cleared in my left eye. Its so frustrating to go from 20/20 (well, to be honest, my age has me slipping to 20/15 now) to not being able to read or make out anything clearly in my left eye. I thought that was bad enough... but then the tingling and numbness came back. This time, it was worse. It started in my left hand, just like before, but this time, it didn't stop. The next day it was my whole left arm, then, the left side of my torso and back. The next day it continued to my entire torso and some of my right hand. Each day continues to be worse. My legs, then my toes. Now, today, my walking is more unbalanced because my legs are numb and feel like rubber bands. My hands have both started losing dexterity and its like trying to scratch your nose when your arm is asleep - you end up smacking yourself in the face! I am on a computer for work all day, and now, I'm having significant trouble typing this story! I was actually pretty quick to accept my diagnosis. but I didn't know what I was in store for. Admittedly, I'm now quite nervous. I am an outdoor kind of person. Everyone that I have talked to in the past week (while dealing with these symptoms) tells me the heat is hard on MS. I have to get over this numbness and find a way to deal with staying cool while still being able to enjoy the outdoors. Managing stress is going to be crucial for me as well. I'm also very interested in learning about how diet can help or hurt my MS. I know that exercise is important, and I need to be doing more of it while staying cool. And I'd like to know what kinds of alternative therapies there are out there, what has worked for people and what hasn't.

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