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  • Gender Female
  • Age 57
  • Relationship Married

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MS has been a challenge for me. For a while I was in GREAT denial. Because of that, I did not start any medication. I then began to progress with MS. Started use of a cane then a Walker. This was traumatic for me since I was a Marketing Professional. Image is crucial for me. Well, my career ended. My life changed, my faith was challenged. After months of crying, I had to learn how to encourage and motivate myself. Since crying all the time did not improve my health, I had to commit to fighting MS, renew my faith, and not allow MS to dictate who I am. I see MS as an un-invited guess who has to dance by my music. Eating right, daily exercise, meditation, and envisioning myself in a positive way helps to sustain me along with proper medication. I purchased a cute pink Walker. Yes Pink. Since I must use one, it may as well look good. It even has a drink holder on it.


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