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Hi I’m just a middle aged child that once accomplished great things and held high standards. A climbing accident hurt my back and I opted for a lumbar steroid injection with high hopes.. Well that went way wrong and somehow I was poisoned, and have been suffering all the MS symptoms without a proper diagnosis several years. I’ve only recently had mention of demyelination disease, and after being shunned so long I’m hoping that’s the beginning of treatment and not the end. I have ALL the symptoms of MS from twitching mini seizures to the happy go lucky unwarranted emotional roller coasters, and have watched my life turn 180’ several times over. In the end I have sh!t to do in this life, and this illness is one hell of a major barrier. God bless the AMAZING human body and all its quirks.


Living Well with MS Emotional support, Healthy living, Insurance and money matters, Healthcare, Mobility and accessibility, Parenting, Relationships and intimacy
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