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So my Journey started February of 2015 while I was working in a warehouse and noticed my legs going numb and back would consistently be in pain. I ended up getting sent for an MRI by my Dr a couple months later, soon after she broke the news to me saying I would need more tests and more opinions of other Dr's but she was pretty sure I had MS. The months to follow would prove very challenging as rapidly decreased in health, having symptoms ranging all over the map, starting with numb legs making it extremely hard to walk, double vision, eventually losing complete control over my left arm. On August 10th 2015 I met my neurologist who officially diagnosed me with having an extremely aggressive form of MS. I was probably at one of my worst points when I met her. She ranked at almost a 7 on the disability scale when just 8 months prior I was completely fine. Dr Maclean said they need to act fast and be aggressive in their form of treatment so 1 month later to the day I met Dr Atkins. He didn't want to try a stem cell transplant right out of the gate so he sent me for a round of mild chemotherapy, which for did help but only 2 weeks later I relapsed even harder, this time adding Vertigo to the list of my increasing symptoms. It got so bad that taking a shower would make me sick for "Multiple" hours. It was then he decided he needed a new approach and told me about this transplant that was being done which involved extremely heavy chemotherapy to wipe my immune system and completely replace it. So I took this opportunity to take back my life and fight. In January 21st 2016 I completed my transplant. So far it has changed my life and given me a chance to live again. My journey continues but it's uphill these days with a hope of potential as opposed to downhill and worsening symptoms.


Type of MS Advanced MS
First experienced symptoms2016
First Diagnosed 2016
Symptoms Fatigue, Numbness, Walking (Gait), Balance, & Coordination Problems, Bladder Dysfunction, Sexual Dysfunction, Spasticity, These are symptoms that remain post transplant, but slowly getting better


Living Well with MS Emotional support, Healthy living, Relationships and intimacy
Getting Involved Walk MS, Advocacy
Research Research news
Hobbies and other interestsTCG, Pool, awesome TV shows

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