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  • Gender Male
  • Age 51
  • Relationship Married

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I am unable to have an MRI due to an implantable defibrillator. I was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in 1992 and had open heart surgery to ease the symptoms and other than some frightening moments requiring a defibrillator, and things were and continue to be going well. In 2008, (although looking back I had signs that I ignored, attributing the numbness to my heart) I had severe migraine headaches. When I saw a headache specialist, he did a lumbar puncture, CT, EEG, and blood work. He said that he found o-bands and sent me to a MS specialist, I was told by this “specialist” that I simply had viral meningitis and no signs of MS, that I did not have any neurological condition. For the next few years the smallest illness would knock me out for a week or more, my job performance suffered, and I lost a marriage. Simple things that I had done easily became difficult. In fall of 2017, I began to have many symptoms of MS forcing me to leave a job I could barely do. After switching doctors, a lumbar puncture, CT scan, EVP, and blood work again, I was diagnosed with rrMS. I’m still trying to adjust. Enough about the disease. I’m 49 and live in Columbus, Ohio. I remarried in 2016 to the most amazing woman in the world she is my rock. I have three sons, two from my first marriage and one step-son, they remind me of what’s really important. I’m not sure how to talk about my career, it is extremely difficult for me because so much myself was in my career. I taught 7th graders social studies for 26 years and was active up until September 2017. The skills and talents that I nurtured and developed to reach my students have all but disappeared from my memory.

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