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I am a 39 year old wife and mother, and love my Lord Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father. Married for 18 years and together with my hubby for a total of 25 wonderful years. My son is 21 years and my step-son is 30 years old. I have had MS since 1996, at age 22 years. I had always been an outgoing, driven, bery busy, and goal oriented woman. Before getting sick, I was a party girl who liked to have fun, however respomsibilitis came FIRST. Of course I am very angry about getting this disease, but I will not let it ruin my life. I have been blessed with a wonderful family and a husband who treats me like a queen. I may have ms, but I refuse to let ms OWN me! I WILL live my life as normal as possible. I still love to dance, drink, and ride four-wheelers. I will enjoy my life and family for as long as I can. NO one knows what tomorrow has in store, having ms or not. We must enjoy what we can do, while we can do it...and I do!!


Hobbies and other interestsDancing, riding four-wheelers, hunting deer, wildlife, rock music and dance music, and use to love roller skating until I broke my ankle doing it in 2012! :)

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